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06-29-2013, 11:31 AM
Does anybody have the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis soundtrack that they are willing to share? I would really appreciate it!

09-26-2013, 03:34 PM
Hello! I have a collection of recorded music from during the gameplay, and unfortunately, some have SFX.
Anyway, I'll post the link to download here:

Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis OST - Download - 4shared ([Only registered and activated users can see links])

Hope you enjoy!

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Well, I tried to download now, just for test, but it requires you to be registered on 4shared.
This is a list of the music files from the zip file:

Algiers Balloon Crash / Algiers Balloon Over Desert / Algiers Desert & Dig Site / Algiers Camel Ride / Algiers Inside Dig Site / Algiers Knife Thrower and Sophia /
Algiers Outside Dig Site / Algiers Streets / Algiers Nomad Camp

Atlantis Atlantean Canal / Atlantis Atlantean Machine Killing Soldier / Atlantis Atlantean Machinery Atlantis Bye-Bye Nur-Ab-Sal / Atlantis Colossus Off / Atlantis Colossus On & Overload / Atlantis Crab Raft / Atlantis Darkness / Atlantis Indy and Sophia Kiss (Longer Version) / Atlantis Indy and Sophia Kiss / Atlantis Orichalcum Maker / Atlantis Outer Ring A / Atlantis Outer Ring A (Alternate) / Atlantis Outer Ring B
Atlantis Outer Ring B (Alernate) / Atlantis Outer Ring C / Atlantis Outer Ring C (Alternate) / Atlantis Sophia Possessed / Atlantis That Was Close /
Atlantis The Hulking Machine / Atlantis Lava Maze Intro / Atlantis The Lava Maze / Atlantis Lava Room

Azores Chat With Mr Costa / Azores

Barnett College Caswell Hall / Barnett College Furnace Room / Barnett College The Book Discussion / Barnett College The Hermocrates

Crete Arnold The Singer / Crete Atlantis Scale Model / Crete Cnossos Ruins 1 / Crete Cnossos Ruins 2 / Crete Detecting The Orichalcum / Crete Docks
Crete Elevator Down / Crete Elevator Up / Crete Indy Gets Worldstone / Crete Kerner and Sophia / Crete Kerner Kidnaps Sophia /
Crete Labyrinth / Crete Labyrinth 2 / Crete Labyrinth 2 Alternate / Crete Labyrinth Found / Crete Moonstone Found / Crete Transit On Statue
Crete Sophia Get Out Of The Pit

Monte Carlo Intro / Streets / Trottier Kidnapped / Car Chase / Car Accident / Hotel Room / Indiana Ghost / Unsuccessful Chat With Trottier / Successful Chat With Trottier

New York Lecture Ghost / Sophia Lecture / Sophia's Office / Streets / Talk With Biff

Submarine Inside / Submarine Inside 2 / Submarine Outside /

Thera Balloon Over Sea / Thera Boat / Diving Suit

Tikal Jungle / Tikal Temple / Good Old Mother Nature / Rubber Tree / Sternhart Steals Worldstone

The Game Intro / The Death Of Dr Jones / The Map / The Iceland / The German Research Lab / The Orichalcum Detector / The End Credits