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Masters of the Universe
Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (La-La Land Release)
By Bill Conti
MP3 320kbps

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Disc One

1.) Main Title/It’s All Mine
2.) Quick Escape
3.) Battle In Greyskull
4.) Arrival On Earth
5.) Where Is The Key?
6.) The Cemetery
7.) Getting A Bearing
8.) The Mercenaries
9.) Battle At The Gym
10.) Skeletor's Wrath
11.) Evil-Lyn To Earth
12.) Kevin's Plight
13.) It’s Them!/Centurion Attack
14.) Julie Sees Mom/Julie Takes Key
15.) Skeletor Arrives/After Them
16.) He-Man’s Last Battle?/Skeletor Departs
17.) Julie’s Muzak
18.) He-Man Gets Whipped
19.) Kevin Remembers The Tune/People Of Eternia

Disc Two

1.) Cosmic Key Music
2.) The Battle Begins/The Final Battle
3.) Time To Go
4.) Julie And Kevin/Happy Ending
5.) End Credits
6.) Main Title / Eternia Besieged (Album Version)
7.) Gwildor's Quadrille (Album Version)
8.) Earthly Encounter (Album Version)
9.) Procession Of The Mercenaries (Album Version)
10.) Evil-Lyn's Deception (Album Version)
11.) Skeletor The Destroyer (Album Version)
12.) He-Man Enslaved (Album Version)
13.) Transformation Of Skeletor (Album Version)
14.) The Power Of Greyskull (Album Version)
15.) Good Journey (Album Version)
16.) He-Man Victorious/End Title (Album Version)

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Hello, yes this one seems very tasty. Could I have the link please. Theres never enough Bill Conti about. Many thanks in advance.

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This is the score where Conti only slightly tweaks Williams's Superman theme, and where he rips off Holst's Mars over and over. ;)

But in his defense, he did have very little time to come up with a lot of music.

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