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ultima weapon
04-15-2004, 08:05 PM
Hello all! It's about time i start one, i won't update it EVERYDAY but often, i'll include pictures when someone tells me about a program that converts large amounts of pictures from BMP to JPEG. Anywho, here is my journal (it gets boring so i'll just add some roleplaying elements to it =p )

-- April 15th, 2004 ~ Rawr

I've been preocupied with money lately, my linkshell did a Burning Circle Notorious Monster battle a few days ago and i was in charge of selling the loot we got from it. We had some nice treasure drop, 1 Erase scrolls (300k) 2 Utesumi:Ni scrolls (150k) and random equipment. I put up the items for sale and sat down next to an auction counter impatiently waiting for the stuff to sale. 5 minutes later, AH > Sale status > nothing sold yet. I thought to myself "Hey, expensive stuff like this takes time to sell...but i wanna be rich now ~!" A few more hours went by, nothing. It was obvious that these items won't sell right away so i decided to log out.

-- April 16th, 2004 ~ Moogle wings and checkered flags

ATLAST! They have s0ld, i jumped up and down and was a little freaked out that i heard an upbeat song dancing in my head. I dashed to my Mog House, withdrew the money and as i was about to go crazy with the money the moogle pleaded "Zedro, make sure you split that money with the other members evenly."
Well, i thought about what it said then gave it an easter egg, it looked at it strangly, tried to chomp at it then threw right back at me. "That's it, no bed for you tonight, you sleep on the floor!" "But all i do is float up and down, Kupo" "Well then, no wings for you" I took them off and the little creature plopped onto the floor and wiped the tears from it- OFF TO SPEND THE MOENY!
I split the money i accumulated (450k) and split it 6 ways with the other members, i was left with 75k. "Not bad" i thought, i upgraded my armor from Royal Squire Chainmail to... ... ...
BRIDGANDINE ARMOR!!!! YES! It had about the same defense as my chainmail but it added HP +10 VIT +2 and DEX +2. I was happy that i had some new armor indeed. I ran around showing off my saavy fabric armor, a little kid went up to me and said "Mister, you look like a checkered flag" but i didn't care, checkered flag or not, i...oh, i do look like a checkered flag *curls up into a ball*.
With the money left over i could upgrade my earrings and buy Shell II. I grabbed a chocobo and forgot to buy a scroll of instant warp, so i got off, went to a guard, bought an instant warp and dashed to Selbina with a chocobo...again. I arrived at the sandy beach and i was reminded of my early years here, what fun i had, fighting crabs, running away from trains, beating up some flies, running from trains and running from trains...erm,yeah. I got off my chocobo and a couple million goblins ran by me taking down a party trying to run away from them. I drew my sword and proceeded to take them all out, i got a little help from a lv.52 thief who ALSO had Brigandine armor on. I zoned into Selbina and bought my scroll of Shell II from the NPC there for 17k. I was about to warp out of there when i saw a few new players staring at me. "Please sir, i am ever so poor and don't have enough money to fend for new equipment. My parents said that if my job of prostitution doesn't get me enough gil by the end of the week i will get kicked out the house" said the Mithra, i took pity in her little story and started to get out my wallet when she also said "I need atleast 100k by the way" i stared at her strangly and replied "What are you, crazy?!" and i warped out of there, she got in a few words before i zoned out of there "Yeah, well, how does it feel looking like a chess board?!"
I had to do one thing before i decided to log out and that was to buy some new earrings, i couldn't wear Bone earrings any longer ( lv.16 evasion -1 attack +1) so i was about time i upgraded them. I had 2 choices, buy Drone earrings ( AGI +3) or make up for my MP deficet and buy some MP + earrings. I went with some MP + earrings and i felt a little proud with myself. Although, a linkshell member informed me that all the high level paladins were wearing Drone earrings, indeed he was right. I checked a few paladins and they all wore Drone earrings. I asked a high level paladin why he wore Drone earrings and he told me that less hits = less hate loss, he ALSO said that he would never wear something that made him look like ugly bathroom tiling. So, i went with the Drone earrings and gave back the poor moogle its wings and it gave me a great big hug. >_>; Actually, that's not what happend, i gave back the wings and it smacked me, so, i threw it out of the house and now i'm moogle-less. ; - ;

ultima weapon
04-25-2004, 10:46 AM
-- April 17-25 ~ Mmmm, Ballista (pvp)

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