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04-03-2004, 10:57 PM
hello everyone....

this might be a simple question........

how do you get to ride a chocobo? i went through the game not knowing how to''

i went back and forth to the highroad without sucsess; i think thats where you can hop on one..
i need one in order to reach the trasure chest.

any ideas people??

04-04-2004, 09:28 AM
Chocobos on the Highroad, huh? We already have a topic about Clasko's chocobos, so I edited the thread title to make it more specific.

Okay, two questions to determine if you can ride chocobos on the Highroad:

1. Are you in Chapter 5?

2. Did you successfully complete the Mi'ihen Highroad mystery and collar any of the following suspects: Chocobo Eater, Rikku, Calli, Rin?

If you completed those requirements, then talk to any hover attendant on the Mi'ihen Highroad and they'll also have chocobos available for you to ride. If you collared Rin, then there's no cost. For any of the others, I believe you have to pay.

If you didn't complete the Mi'ihen Highroad mystery, then no chocobos for you on the Highroad until New Game Plus.

04-05-2004, 09:41 AM
Thanks agent0042..

im sorry to waste your time'' but i finaly got the chocobo after doing the rin quest..

i was'nt sure the first time round as to who the suspect was''
this time i got it.. i also got the ragnorak for doing it''

i also got my 100% completion which im pleased about.. im just tying up loose ends now'' like getting all the oversouls ect..

thanks again

talk soon