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This is a concert suite for Chinese traditional instruments, symphony orchestra and chorus composed by Yi Shan (Shen Sinyan!?),
parts of which have been used in countless HK-made martial arts movies, including the high-profile Once Upon a Time in China
and Kung Fu Hustle. Lovers of HK cinema will recognize the main theme immediately.

According to Wikipedia, its composer pursued in double career, in music as well as in physics, which "culminated in the development
of cultural acoustics, a discipline addressing scientifically the cultural molding of our ears and brain to music." Or something like that.
He composed a large number of character pieces like "Unforgettable Water Splashing Festival", "Wild Geese Descending on the
Sandy Shores", or the superbly titled "Moderately Embellished Six Measures".

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Music Composed by Yi Shan (Shen Sinyan)
Played by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
Conducted by Huang Pei-Xing

The Dagger Society Suite
1. Prelude
2. Song of Praise
3. Bow Dance
4. Flower Drum Dance
5. Duet Dance
6. Blossom of Peas

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Still from "Once Upon a Time in China III" (Rosamund Kwan, Jet Li)

Source: Chinese (bootleg) CD (my rip!)
Format: mp3, 320k/s (CBR), DDD(?!) Stereo
File Size: 65 MB

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