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01-13-2013, 02:41 PM
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1. "Lose Yourself" (Eminem) M. Mathers, J. Bass, L. Resto Eminem, Luis Resto, Jeff Bass 5:20
2. "Love Me" (Obie Trice/Eminem/50 Cent) C. Jackson, S. King, M. Mathers, L. Resto, O. Trice Eminem 4:30
3. "8 Mile" (Eminem) M. Mathers, L. Resto Eminem 5:59
4. "Adrenaline Rush" (Obie Trice) A. Thelusma, Obie Trice Red Spyda 3:54
5. "Places to Go" (50 Cent) C. Jackson, M. Mathers, L. Resto Eminem 4:15
6. "Rap Game" (D12/50 Cent) V. Carlisle, D. Holton, R. Johnson, M. Mathers, O. Moore, D. Porter, L. Resto Denaun Porter, Eminem 5:53
7. "8 Miles and Runnin'" (Jay-Z featuring Freeway) S. Carter, M. Mathers, L. Pridgen, L. Resto Eminem 4:08
8. "Spit Shine" (Xzibit) A. Joiner, D. Porter Denaun Porter 3:39
9. "Time of My Life" (Macy Gray) M. Elizondo, Macy Gray, D. Ross D. Ross, J. Gamble, Mike Elizondo 4:21
10. "U Wanna Be Me" (Nas) N. Jones, C. Thompson Chucky Thompson, Nas 3:50
11. "Wanksta" (50 Cent) C. Jackson John "J-Praize" Freeman
(mixed by Dr. Dre) 3:38
12. "Wasting My Time" (by Boomkat (Taryn Manning)) T. Manning, K. Manning, J. Taylor K. Manning, M. Pradler 3:37
13. "R.A.K.I.M." (Rakim) W. Griffith, L. E. King, D. Porter Denaun Porter 4:23
14. "That's My Nigga fo' Real" (Young Zee) D. Battle, D. Ross D. Ross, J. Gamble 4:45
15. "Battle" (Gang Starr) J.R. Baxter, P. Chapman, K. Elam, K. Holley, A. Johnson, N. Jones, Chris E. Martin, K. Mochita, S. Moltke, M. Williams DJ Premier, Guru 2:56
16. "Rabbit Run" (Eminem) M. Mathers, L. Resto Eminem, Luis Resto 3:13

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