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Isaias Caetano
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Supernova (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by David Williams & Burkhard Dallwitz) 2000 [2CD] 2010
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GENRE: Score
DATE: 2010 (2000)
LABEL: Intrada Signature Editions – ISE 1038
Format: 2 × CD, Album, Limited Edition
QUALITY: 320 kbps
PLAYTIME: 01:45:56

Conductor – Steven R. Bernstein (tracks: 1-1 to 1-23)
Music By [Additional] – Burkhard Dallwitz (tracks: 2-1 to 2-16)
Producer [Album] – Douglass Fake
Score [Orchestral Score By] – David Williams (10) (tracks: 1-1 to 1-23)


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Additional Music by BURKHARD DALLWITZ
INTRADA Signature Edition ISE 1038

In the MGM science fiction thriller Supernova (2000), the cosmic object of desire is an alien relic with the power to destroy all existing life, while creating new, vibrant matter in its apocalyptic wake. Beginning with a spacecraft answering a distress call it shouldn’t have, the emergency medical vessel Nightingale 229 is unfortunate enough to pick up a treasure hunter (Peter Facinelli) on the outskirts of a rogue moon, where he’s recovered a glowing relic of unknowable origin. Preying on the hidden desires of the crew (headed by James Spader’s uneasy pilot Nick and Angela Bassett’s tough-as-nails doctor Kaella), the hunter goes to murderous lengths to insure his orb will reach Earth, where the weapon containing “ninthdimensional energy” will achieve its intended goal of wiping out the threat of any competing species.

The film had a tumultuous path during its production, ultimately featuring a traditional musical approach provided by composer David C. Williams. Having studied under John Corigliano (Altered States), the composer’s star was on the rise and Supernova provided his biggest opportunity yet, conveying a cosmic battle between good and evil. “I wanted the music to reflect the mystery and the starkness of outer space, so I consciously avoided any themes for characters as I went for the bigger concepts,” Williams remarks.The musically-inclined Jack Sholder (one of the film's directors) played trumpet on Supernova’s sessions, with an orchestra of 93 players recorded at 20th Century Fox’s Alfred Newman stage. Williams’ music would reflect both the majestic surroundings of deep space, as well as the vulnerability of its human protagonists.

William's score was not the only music heard in the final cut. Burkhard Dallwitz was originally hired to provide the underscore, but as production teams changed as well as the vision for the film's look and feel, leading to the more traditional scoring approach eventually employed. However, portions of Dallwitz's score were retained in the film and Dallwitz would also receive an “additional music” credit. “Right from the start, the filmmakers wanted a non-traditional electronic score,” Dallwitz recalls. "To address their concerns, we decided to approach the music in more of a contemporary way." The result is an outer space score with an equally dense wall of synths and samples, its approach ranging from hyper dance beats to floating, ethereal sound that always plays atmosphere as opposed to specifically “hitting” onscreen action.

This premiere release of the scores to Supernova features David Williams' score on disc 1, with the original restored score by Burkhard Dallwitz on disc 2.

This Intrada Signature Edition is limited to 1200 units.

Editorial Reviews
World premiere 2-CD set presents both original soundtracks for Walter Hill 2000 sci-fi action tale starring James Spader, Angela Bassett, Lou Diamond Phillips. CD 1 features mostly used symphonic score by David Williams, packed with dynamic action music, suspenseful space sequences. Aggressive, rhythmic action cues are highlights. CD 2 features mostly unused score by Burkhard Dallwitz. Here, vibrant array of electronic effects, multiple keyboards, synthesizer rhythms is name of the game. Both scores appear in crisp stereo from original master elements with both composers supervising their contributions. Intrada Signature Edition limited to 1200 copies!

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01. Titan (03:03)
02. Aftermath (01:33)
03. Discovery (01:46)
04. Marley’s Plight/Nightingale (05:43)
05. Searching the Tug (01:29)
06. Descent (01:17)
07. Troy’s Plan (01:47)
08. Airlock (01:31)
09. Bomb (01:33)
10. Finding Bodies (03:00)
11. Ben’s Battle (02:15)
12. The Greatest Treasure (01:36)
13. Transmission (02:15)
14. Troy’s Up (01:49)
15. Mine Peril (01:27)
16. I’m Right Here (01:26)
17. Morphing (02:23)
18. Distress Call/Interrogation/Preparation (05:56)
19. It’s All Stardust (04:26)
20. Incoming Tug (02:02)
21. Landing RRT (01:32)
22. Locked Out (01:56)
23. Titan Reprise (03:03)

01. Opening (03:46)
02. Floating/Card Game (03:29)
03. D-Jump/Marley’s Death (04:54)
04. Troy Arrives/Troy Examination (02:08)
05. Troy and Danika Meet/Troy and Nick (01:29)
06. A.O. 1 (02:19)
07. Nick and Kaela (01:15)
08. Nick Leaves/Mineshaft/Troy and Danika (04:25)
09. Zero Gravity (01:53)
10. Frozen/A.O. 2 (03:39)
11. Fetus/Machine Attack (05:04)
12. Troy Kills Danika/Troy Kills Yerzy/Troy Gets Harpooned (05:13)
13. Troy Kills Benjie/Troy Chases Kaela/Nick Returns (03:33)
14. Caged (01:17)
15. Big Fight/Robot (04:22)
16. Closing (02:22)

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Tyler Bourbon
01-08-2013, 07:58 AM
Very, very cool share - he's one of my favorite composers! As you already mentioned there aren't that much Burkhard von Dallwitz scores available here.
I truly admire his style. Thanks a lot for the music and the artwork, too. :)

Do you have more music composed by him?

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Thank you very much, my friend.
It is very kind of you, Isaias, and I'm looking
forward to listening to the album.
Your introduction is so enlightening.
Muito obrigado.

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And excelent post, thank You Isaias!!!

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Thank you Isaia !!!!

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Iron Devil
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Thanks. I thought I had the rejected score from years ago but after some googling turns out it's this:

BURKHARD DALLWITZ RE: SUPERNOVA (Kraft-Benjamin Agency CDR Promo) appears to be
a demo CD to get the scoring job on Walter Hill's Supernova. The tracks are

1) Prologue (Zirkus)
2) Discovery (Zirkus)
3) Main Title (Oz Encounters)
4) Main Title (Zone 39)
5) Arrested (Zone 39)
6) Novan (Zone 39)
7) Memories of Ann (Zone 39)
8) Classified (Zone 39)
9) Dream Sequence (Zone 39)

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thank you.but I can't access the filehost,can anyone re-up to mega.co.nz?please.

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