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11-24-2012, 01:40 PM
As stated in a previous ‘Orphans’ thread, for many years I had favorite pieces of music distributed amongst numerous discs but seldom listened to them since they were saddled with other works of no interest. So I rescued these superlative orphans into my own private collections of four volumes.

Orphans I

Verklarte Nacht
1) Grave
2) Molto rallentando
3) Pesante
4) Adagio
5) Adagio

Spartacus Ballet
6) Adagio of Spartacus & Phrygia

Three Botticelli Pictures
7) Spring
8) The Adoration of the Magi
9) The Birth of Venus

10) A la busca del mas alla

11) Sensemaya

Schoenberg’s beautiful work for strings composed before he went all 12 tone weird, based on a poem about two young lovers walking in the moonlight- the young woman confesses the child she carries in her womb belongs to another, but the man loves her so much that he embraces the child his own. Khachaturian’s adagio that can send cold chills down the spine with its beauty. Respighi’s seldom heard piece based on the paintings of Botticelli which includes (had heard that tune yet took years to recognize it) the Christmas carol “Come O Come Emmanuel”. Probably the very last composition by blind composer Rodrigo, which translates as “In search of the beyond” is up for grabs as far as having any meaning. Waited many years for this definitive version conducted by Leonard Bernstein to appear on compact disc: Sensemaya composed by the short-lived, alcoholic Mexican composer Revueltas. The sexiest piece of classical music I ever heard.

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