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Jan A. P. Kaczmarek - Total Eclipse (1995) [320]

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01. The Opening
02. Trip to Paris
03. The Sea Quartet
04. Arrival
05. Cafe Andre
06. Hashish Kiss
07. Looking for Rimbaud
08. Naked on the Roof
09. Cafe Bobino
10. Hashish
11. Le Dormeur du val
12. Coming Home
13. Triangle
14. Knife
15. The Sun
16. Mathilde and Verlaine
17. Two Trains
18. Verlaine Escapes
19. Rimbaud Wounded
20. Memory
21. The Sentence
22. Tear
23. Cafe Bobino
24. The Drunken Boat
25. Abyssinian Plateau
26. The Death
27. Eternity (Finale)
28. End Credits

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Review by Jason Ankeny ~ Allmusic
Filmmaker Agnieszka Holland's 1995 retelling of the relationship between poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine earned a much-deserved critical thrashing, but its score remains a thing of beauty. Polish composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek's international breakthrough, Total Eclipse communicates the passion and invention of Rimbaud's poetry with a grace the film utterly lacks, employing the Warsaw Symphony and a small string quartet to evoke both the epic sweep and profound intimacy of his work. It's music that's raw and alive yet stunning in its adherence to classical traditions, buoyed by Kaczmarek's lyrical melodies and nuanced arrangements.

In 1871, Paul Verlaine (1844-1896), an established poet, invites boy genius Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891) to live with Paul and his young pregnant wife, Mathiltde, in her father's home in Paris. Rimbaud's uncouth behavior disrupts the household as well as the insular society of French poets, but Verlaine finds the youth invigorating. Stewed in absinthe and resentment, Verlaine abuses Mathiltde; he and Rimbaud become lovers and abandon her. There are reconciliations and partings with Mathiltde and partings and reconciliations with Rimbaud, until an 1873 incident with a pistol sends one of them to prison. Codas dramatize the poets' final meeting and last illnesses. Written by hailey ~IMDb

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