View Full Version : just another poem I wrote...

Rabid Monkey
01-17-2002, 10:09 AM
I just wrote this one a while ago and kind of felt like posting it. I didn't name it though, but anyay...

Living breathing always believing
That things will go your way
Laughing crying but always dieing
Because it is your fate

Twisting and turning nearly burring
At the thoughts within your head
Falling and crawling every day
Till the one at which you’re dead

Seeing life for what it is
A world full of lies
Seeing yourself for what you’re worth
Less than a battered dime

Steeling then reeling
From a new curse you now bare
Then hiding away from life’s rebellion
And its ever blinding glare

Never knowing or ever showing
How you really feel
Always preparing but never caring
For the day of your last meal

Realizing what is materializing
Out of all that you have done
Through trying and striving all this time
You have lost all hope for love

01-20-2002, 05:12 PM
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*claps* Good job, dude. ;) I liked this one alot. Although I'm not really much of a poem-freak thing, your a really good poet. :D