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01-19-2004, 01:04 PM
I need help cause this guy is a real piece, I got every Character at level 99 and still can't beat him. So please everyone, explain your strategy on beating one of the most powerful FFbosses ever.....TREMA.

01-19-2004, 02:39 PM
General things:

1. Do you have Lady Luck? If not, you need to go an get it by finding Shinra in Luca and winning it off of him, now. Now, in the Paragon battle, before Trema, you need to use Lady Luck's Random Reels and get three 7s, this will get you some Dark Matters. In the Trema battle, switch to Alchemist (I hope you have that) and mix a Dark Matter and a Potion - that'll give you temporary invicibilty repeat if it wears off.

To get triple 7s, use the pause button when the Reels are running. Once you know the locations of the symbols, if you let go of pause and hit hit X when a "7" is in the top row or towards the middle, it'll land at the bottom.

#2: Do you have Mascot? If you don't, this is going to be a lot harder.

General strategies:

- Trema has wicked evasion. You want to hit him with any special attacks you can.

- Cat Nip - this can still be your godsend if you're using invinciblity. Get at least one of the girls as a Gunner and have them equipped with this. Have them use Trigger Happy Level 3 on Trema when they're in critical status, it'll do 9999 damage every hit.

- These accesories and Garment Grids will really help: Invincible, Higher Power, The End, Supreme Light, Rabite's Foot, Crystal Bangle, Key to Success. Use any of the best of these that you can.

And also: good luck!

01-28-2004, 05:38 AM
Edit: I beat him finally, my strategy was to do lucky 7's to a JAHI in the Farplane near where you fought shiva, so you get Mana Springs. The item absorbs 200 mp from Trema, using it 5 times makes his magic attacks dissappear, then i just had my cat nipped gunner finish him off.

Heretic Anima
01-30-2004, 11:04 AM
Does know body know how to beat trema. You need a mastered gunner a catnip for american versions and speed bracer the rest speaks for itself o and dont forget the highroad winds for first strike. Basically kiil the gunner and revive her to put her health low. Then use trigger happy a good 17-30 hits of 9999 will kill trema in 3-7 turns