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12-04-2003, 08:06 AM
I'm trying to complete "Rin's Investigation" and get Rikku to be the culprit. The walkthrough I'm looking at says that in order to do it, I need to view spheres 1-3-2-5-4-5-2-1-4-2-1 in that order. Well, I'm trying and at first I'm okay, but then I come to part where it says I'm supposed to find a guy looking for his small chocobo eater and I can't find this dude anywhere. Does anyone know what the correct order is for this to get Rikku to be the culprit? It's getting to be annoying. Also, can you go off and save once you've found something, or do you need to keep looking?


Never mind. I figured it out, even though the information in the guide was completely whack. For the benefit of anyone else that might need it:

1. Choose CommSphere 2 and look behind Rin's travel agency, wait until small chocobo eater fiend shows up, then call Rin.

2. Use CommSphere 3 to check out the Ruins, wait until you see a small machina running about, then call Rin.

3. Use CommSphere 8 and wait until you see chocobo eater, then call Rin and learn about a man called "Prophet." (Note that if Shinra hasn't installed a second CommSphere, then I believe this becomes CommSphere 7.)

4. Use CommSphere 4 (I think) to see the Newroad bridge. Call Rin and he will notice some hover marks. He will then say that he believes you're getting closer to the heart of the matter.

5. Use CommSphere 1 to view the area in front of Rin's travel agency and wait until you see the chocobo eater chasing after a Spira gull, then call Rin.

6. Use CommSphere 2 and wait until a lady shows up and calls Rin. Rin will try to talk to her, but she will leave.

7. Use CommSphere 3 and you'll spot a man standing inside the Al Bhed ruins. Call Rin, who suspects some sort of suspicious activity.

8. Use CommSphere 5 to visit the hover crash site. Wait until three machina robots show up and call Rin. He'll comment on the wounded man they've found.

9. Use CommSphere 6 to visit the very end of the Oldroad and wait until a man in a blue shirt sits down and talks with the two people there. Rin will comment on how they seem to be making some kind of deal.

10. Use CommSphere 1 and pan left and you'll find Rin talking to the wounded man you found earlier.

11. Finally, use CommSphere 2 and wait someone shows up and works on the roof of the travel agency. Call Rin and he'll thank you for finding all the clues and you're done for the time being.