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11-30-2003, 05:24 PM
Here is the way that I beat Angra Maiyu.. note that it may not be the best.. but it almost always works

First of all... make sure you have gotten Ragnorak (I think that's how it's spelled)

You get it from solving Rin's Mystery, if Rikku is the culprit

Anyway: make sure you have a white mage that knows reflect and protect... haste would be nice... and a alchemist helps.. but isn't really necesarry.

Start with the other two people as dark knights

Equip EVERYONE with a anti-confusion item, or better yet, ribbons, a just in case measure.. but you WILL thank god you have it after 1-1.5 hours into the battle (depending on level.. this takes a LONG time)

First Turn:

Two Dark Knights: use darkness

White Mage: Cast Protect (just in case of perditions flame.. though if u do this right u shouldn't have to worry about it)

Second Turn:

Two Dark Knights: Continue using darkness... EVERY TURN... if their hit points drop into the yellow... and your white mage/alchemist isn't ready to act yet... have them use a hi potion

White Mage: Cast Reflect (ha.. eat that Angra Maiyu.. that'll teach you to cast flare!)

Third Turn:

Dark Knights... see last turn

White Mage: Preferable you should have a the spell piercing grid.. but if you don't, either a) start using hi potions like the wind or b) change to alchemist and mix those mega potions EVERY turn... you never know

If you're anything like my characters (who were only around level 50 at this point) in about 2-2.5 hours you should win

I know that darkness doesn't do the most damage... but it keeps Angra Maiyu's little compadres dead so he can't do perditions flame

Note that if you kill one JUST before he does it... he will still do it.

11-30-2003, 08:47 PM
I used 2 Dark Knights and an Alchemist. I hit the party with the protect and reflect curtains and then just hit him with Darkness from my Dark Knights every turn while my Alchemist used stashed mega-potions every turn. Beat him pretty easily.

12-02-2003, 11:04 AM
I see that Chapter 1 is available as one of the options on the poll, but I didn't that the sucker showed up until Chapter 2. I haven't fought it yet.

02-07-2004, 03:08 PM
well i kill it using yuna as a gunner with the trigger happy lv3 ability and the cat nip accesory, rikku and paine as dark knights

02-07-2004, 06:41 PM
I did almost the same strategy with 2 Dark Knights and 1 Alchemist. First I start with all white mages then have 2 of them to cross the Tempered Will Garment grid so itll double max HP. Also I have my white mage to cast protect and reflect then switch to alchemist. After that is practically the same strategy. That battle took me 1 hour, highest level was I think 47. After an hour it started to annoy me then I used chaoron and finished him off.

Vivi FF
02-08-2004, 06:34 AM
Yup, I used 2 DK's and an Alchemist. Pretty easy, just LONG.

Yeah it is possible to fight him in Ch.1, I did, but I didn't beat him though. You can't fight him in Ch.4 though, unless you're crazy or something.

02-08-2004, 10:23 AM
Here's how to beat Angra Mainyu...
~When I talk about Angra's arms I mean in relation to how you see him!

Getting Ready!
1. Equip as many Ribbons as you have
I made the mistake of going into battle unprotected from CONFUSION and about a half an hour in, Rikku used a Megalixer on him...

2. Have two characters as Dark Knights, you might want to have a CRYSTAL BANGLE or CAT NIP equipped because you're going to be taking alot of your own HP over time. You can have them equipped with any Garment Grid you want but grids that contian SOS HASTE or raises both DEF and ATTK come in handy!

3. Have the third character in any dressphere you want (She won't be in it long) and put her on either the top or the bottom of the MEGIDDO GARMENT GRID. On the opposite space place the alchemist dressphere. YOUR ALCHEMIST MUST KNOW MEGAPOTON FOR THIS TO WORK! Now, If you're going to use white magic you're going to want to eguip the Alchemist with a WHITE LORE instead of a garment grid... She MUST BE ABLE TO CAST PROTECT AND REFLECT.
*Don't want to waist MP casting White spells? Stock up on the following...

Mixing a CHOCO WING with anything except for the following will give you a FINAL WALL; Grenades (any type), Poison Fangs, Sliver Hour Glasses, Gold Hourglasses, Candles of Life, Farplane Shadows- mixing with these will not give you a FINAL WALL, instead you will get a Hazardous shell

Mixing a STAR CURTAIN and a LIGHT CURTAIN will give you a HI- WALL (many mixes can give you this effect but this is what we'll use for now!)


F = Flare
F+U+U= Ultima

____O <- Starting dressphere/Alchemist
/___/_ \__\___
_____O <- Starting dressphere/Alchemist

* At the beginning of battle cast your supporting spells (protect, shell, reflect... etc.). This is important to do right off the back! Angra's Left Arm will attack physically and Angra's PERDITION'S FLAME can be devastating without Protect. REFLECT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! You can survive Perdition's Flame without Protect if you're level's are high enough or your HP is boosted but if you don't cast reflect Angra has the ability to cast Flare which WILL kill you and his right arm will cast spells that become a bother without reflect. Not only will the magic attacks from Angra's right arm be reflected but Flare will be cast back at Angra for a good amount of damage!
- You can tell when he's going to cast Perdition's Flame. He raises his arms but doesn't have that glow that he has when he's going to cast a spell... Also, Angra CAN NOT PERFORM PERDITON'S FLAME WHEN ONE OF HIS ARM'S ARE DEAD - You'll want to keep them that way!

* The trick to this fight is to keep both both of his arms dead. Angra will revive his arms at any cost so keeping them dead keeps him busy... to do this, have your Dark Knights use their DARKNESS ability every round (having their HP at high levels can cause serious damage to his arms and to him as well). Try to keep their HP high by using the STASH ability and making Megalixers. DO NOT COMPLETELY RELY ON WHITE MAGIC! Zarich (Angra's right arm) will absorb your MP very frequently so it's better to just MIX and STASH for the most part. That's all you need tro worry about with them... just keep them going and you'll be alright.

* Although your primary goal with the Alchemist is to heal your party, you may want to also use a spare choco wing/choco feather or HASTE to keep the Dark Knights on track! If your Knights' health is high enough you'll have two or three free rounds every now and then where you can let them go and do your own thing.
When a time like this comes do three things!
1-Use an ETHER or any means possible to get your MP up.
2-This is where the Megiddo plate comes in handy, Now you have the ability to cast Flare on Angra... USE IT!
3-Restore your Party quickly!
(You may try to go all the way around the grid and this with Ultima but it takes time and I wouldn't recommend it!)

* Although times when he does this are few and far between, Angra can cast dispel when he's ready to use Flare... keep an eye out for this because he can do the two incredibly fast! Always keep up that barrier of Protect and Reflect! Shell isn't that important because you have Reflect.

So, just keep on going... this battle is long but eventually you'll make it if you keep with it!

03-07-2004, 10:02 AM
I fought this sucker on chapter 5 with 2 mid level 50 masterd Dark Knights and Rikku as the Alchemist. and he kepy using Flare on Rikku.

it never occured to me to use Reflect to bounce the flare back at him. but i'll try it.

and if that doesnt work then I'll try to get my hands on the Catnip and use Yuna's trigger happy with a Songstress and Magical Masque.