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lone wolf
11-16-2003, 07:02 PM
i was watching the PSM disc about the new ffX-2, so i started a new chapter on FFX. has anyone seen anything new that they didn't notcie before, i have, plus, with the ahl bhed primers, it helps. i found out that at the beginning of the game, the machina you help to recover is actully the same airship you use later on in the game, nuts eh?

anyways, just post anything you find so other can enjoy

lone wolf

11-19-2003, 05:01 AM
Not anything that I really knew before, the only new things I figured out after playing the game once, was having all Al Bhed mags from the beginning of the game via Compolation Sphere's... And I believe Rikku mentions that it's the same ship when your riding it for the first time ^_^ She says something like "Look familiar? It's that machina we dug up!"

12-08-2003, 02:16 AM

yeah rikku tells you "it's that ship we found at the bottom of the ocean" or whatever.

When I first replayed it, I realised that when Tidus is floating around as if he's swimming and then you come down on that platform you are standing next to Jecht. There are some other things you notice as well when you play through it for a second/third time but I've been replaying 7 and 9 recently and I've left my third play through of FFX before you fight sin's head so I can go back to it and do loads of sidequests. Last time I did it I had auron attacking at 99,999 but still I only had hp at 12,000 and was getting smacked by original monster creations (the others are piss once you get break damage) and the dark aeons (not including valefor and partially Ifrit (I did cheat against ifrit by using yojimo though cus hp was getting low... the bastard kept overdrivving me!)) But I couldn't get anima or magus sisters cus i couldn't beat dark shiva to get in macalania temple so I restarted and I'm where I am now... I keep getting urges to go back and play it some more but I've got to 100% FF7 and 95% ff9 (can't 100% ff9 cus I'm on disk 3 and can't do morrid's coffee quest :()