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03-03-2012, 10:50 AM
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Unofficial complete soundtrack

Mark Mothersbaugh (original score) and various artists (songs)

Format: MP3 (various bitrates, approx. 200kbps), FLAC

Tracklist, extended version:

01. 111 Archer Avenue - Mark Mothersbaugh *
02. Hey Jude - Mutato Muzika Orchestra *
03. String Quartet in F Major - Ysa’a Quartet *
04. Sonata For Cello & Piano in F Minor - Mutato Muzica Orchestra
05. Look at Me - John Lennon
06. Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental) - Vince Guaraldi
07. I'm Dying - Mark Mothersbaugh
08. These Days - Nico *
09. Something's Brewing - Mark Mothersbaugh
10. Look at That Old Grizzly Bear - Mark Mothersbaugh *
11. Police and Thieves - The Clash *
12. Wigwam - Bob Dylan *
13. Mothersbaugh's Canon - Mark Mothersbaugh *
14. Gymnopedie No. 1 - Aldo Ciccolini
15. Lullabye - Emitt Rhodes *
16. Raleigh and Margot - Mark Mothersbaugh *
17. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard - Paul Simon *
18. Scrapping and Yelling - Mark Mothersbaugh *
19. Pagoda's Theme - Mark Mothersbaugh *
20. Billy - Main Title - Bob Dylan
21. Judy Is a Punk - The Ramones *
22. Needle in the Hay - Elliott Smith *
23. Sparkplug Minuet (first appearance) - Mark Mothersbaugh
24. Fly - Nick Drake *
25. She Smiled Sweetly - The Rolling Stones *
26. Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones *
27. Stephanie Says - The Velvet Underground *
28. Rock the Casbah - The Clash
29. I Always Wanted to Be a Tenenbaum - Mark Mothersbaugh *
30. Christmas Time Is Here (Vocals) - Vince Guaraldi *
31. Rachel Evans Tenenbaum - Mark Mothersbaugh *
32. Chas Chases Eli - Mark Mothersbaugh
33. Sparkplug Minuet (second movement) - Mark Mothersbaugh *
34. I Always Wanted to Be a Tenenbaum (second movement) - Mark Mothersbaugh
35. The Fairest of the Seasons - Nico *
36. Everyone - Van Morrison *
37. Sparkplug Minuet (third movement) - Mark Mothersbaugh

* FLAC version
All the other tracks in MP3

Tracklist, original CD (all of them in FLAC):

01. 111 Archer Avenue
08. These Days
03. String Quartet in F Major (Second Movement)
17. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
04. Sonata for Cello & Piano in F Minor
12. Wigwam
10. Look at that Old Grizzly Bear
05. Look at Me
15. Lullabye
13. Mothersbaugh's Canon
11. Police and Thieves
18. Scrapping and Yelling
21. Judy Is a Punk
19. Pagoda's Theme
22. Needle in the Hay
24. Fly
29. I Always Wanted to Be a Tenenbaum
30. Christmas Time Is Here (Vocals)
27. Stephanie Says
31. Rachel Evans Tenenbaum
33. Sparkplug Minuet (second movement)
35. The Fairest of the Seasons
02. Hey Jude

Scans from the original CD also included.

Download a file ([Only registered and activated users can see links])

01-04-2014, 11:46 PM
Can someone reup this? I would love a copy.

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01-05-2014, 01:17 PM
Thank you, Shadoko!

01-05-2014, 02:08 PM
Love this soundtrack and would love a re-up as well. Thanks in advance!

01-05-2014, 02:10 PM
It took over a year for this post to gain some momentum lol. I'd like a link as well, please

01-05-2014, 02:16 PM
There is a promo of Mark Mothersbaugh's score which features 18 tracks of score versus the 8 offered via the original 2001 OST and 2002 deluxe edition. This one has 14 Motherbaugh cues. How did you manage to find 6 extra tracks but not the other 4? Just curious and thanks again.

01-09-2014, 07:49 AM
I have just re-uploaded the soundtrack. (See the first post.)

Since the first time I posted this soundtrack in MP3 in 2012 (I didn't do the extended soundtrack myself, I grabbed it somewhere on the web), I have planned to upgrade it to FLAC format (using the original CD album) but I put this project aside so they're still tracks only in MP3. (By the way, if you own or if you can get in FLAC the missing tracks which are only in MP3, feel free to upload them.)
I've also created two playlists: one with the original CD album tracks (all of them in FLAC), the other with the extended soundtrack.

I've also added the original CD scans.

01-09-2014, 08:42 PM
After narrowly avoiding death on an icy back road in the country today, it's wonderful to be able to log in, download this album, sit back and enjoy it while possibly reading The Tale of Genji since that's been sitting in my closet waiting to be read for forever. Or maybe I'll finish Let the Right One In. It's a book that's equally as enjoyable as either film. Plus listening to some great music. Say what you will and please forgive my fragmented sentences today. My mind is everywhere right now.

Finally got around to showing my best friends the film Eyes Wide Shut which features an equally brilliant score. I suckered them into it by mentioning the big orgy scene. I won't go into any details but that's in the pipelines right now so it's nice to know that I'll be able to live another day to finally get closer to that. Plus there's college starting on Monday, so many things coming up that could've simply not came to be had I made one wrong move. I feel grateful to be alive, I'm sorry if I've been a dick but you all know I have the best intentions at heart, if anyone wants to send me some Bitcoins then you'd be my best friend forever. I can't pay much which is a ridiculous thing to say given the cost of Bitcoins these days but some arrangement CAN be made. Anyone willing to trade some Bitcoins, PM me.

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thanks for the share.

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What do you think about my try for a cover?

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