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11-08-2003, 02:39 PM
i am at the spot where i have full controll of the airship, and all i have left to do is fight sin, but im getting the ultimate weapons and aeons, i need to get the item from the bevell temple, so i went to highbridge, but i cant get in, and, i cant get in from the calm lands or macalania woods either. is there any way back in?

11-08-2003, 06:35 PM
To quote a quote that I once said a long time ago...

"Once you're out... you're out."

Basically, you should of opened the chest because it's in your way. Check the other temples and be sure you didn't miss one there.

11-09-2003, 09:01 AM
Oggh~ I remember that dungeon VERY well... cause it was there, where a special person (glances at her sister) said: "Go right first! Letīs see whatīs there! Ya can get whatīs inside that chest later!"

Well, and I couldnīt. :sad:

I was angry--- oh very angry! So if ya want that chest... take it when ya have the opportunity... otherwise... :notgood:

:cool: "Lady Auron"

Vivi FF
11-09-2003, 05:03 PM
*sighs* We always have to go through this. (It's not a bad thing).

OK, first off, you can;t get back into the Bevelle Temple. You only get one chance to be there and that's it.

Second, if you're going for Anima, then you WILL have the chest and requirement from Bevelle no matter what. There's two chests in the Bevelle Temple and the one that counts is the one on the right that blocks you path until you open it. You do not need to get the other chest in order to get Anima. Trust me, I forgot to get it but I was still able to get Anima.

11-12-2003, 08:14 PM
Vivi is indeed correct i also didn't get the item at
bevelle thinking along them same lines as you i was going
to return there at a later time but as you found you cannot

i managed to get anima myself there isnt that much need
for the item in bevelle :) that i found anyway without it you
can get anima anyway :)

Alice Wonderbra
11-13-2003, 09:35 AM
what's in the other chest that EVERYONE seems to walk past? yes...i also decided to get the chest later and see what was on the other side. for shame. :whatever:

11-13-2003, 02:33 PM
<font color=red face="comic sans ms">It's a Knight Lance for Kimahri, with abilities Strength +10%, Strength +5% and Strength +3%. I didn't actually use it because I preferred to have him with a Piercing weapon, and the weapon I had at the time already had Strength+10% on it anyway.

I missed that chest the first time through too, but even if I had gone the right way to start with I wouldn't have been able to get it because I didn't have the sphere with me to activate the conveyor belt. Second time I made sure that I did though, and I was rather disappointed.

02-06-2008, 06:42 PM
ARG! I don't know how to do anything on this website!

Anywho, if you ever did find out how, could you possible tell me? I'm stuck at that point too... thanks!

02-06-2008, 09:18 PM
Um, I dunno if you noticed how old this thread is... FOUR YEARS. Do you think the same guy still posts here? rofl.

But then again I'm not sure if Agent will close it since I don't know if it makes a difference if you're reviving it to ask the same question rather than assume you're helping. So... um... if you're talking about the Knight Lance, you have to bring a second Bevelle sphere over there. Basically make sure you always have the maximum amount of Bevelle spheres.
If you mean getting Anima, you're missing Zanarkand most likely since you can only get that one after you beat Yunalesca and get the ship.

Wei Yan
02-07-2008, 07:19 AM
ARG! I don't know how to do anything on this website!

Anywho, if you ever did find out how, could you possible tell me? I'm stuck at that point too... thanks!

Necroposting! (8) *sings the happy necrophilia song*

You can't get stuck there btw, there's nothing in Bevelle that could help you the slightest bit with the main storyline, after that silly wedding and the Valefor bungee jumping.