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09-28-2003, 07:51 PM
Just got ffta today, and i really gotta say, its just as good as fft i think. There seems to be alot more to do actually, and alot of nice goodies to find, and i really am enjoying this new way of tactics and the judge points and stuff what do you guys think? Good game or am i fooled?

09-28-2003, 08:36 PM
FFTA, from what I heard (since my GBA died on me and my Gameboy Player is at my friend's house) lacks the ability system that FFT had. I think that you can't use the ability that you learned as another class for the current class (use White Spells with a Black Mage for example)

09-29-2003, 03:08 AM
All the same, it looks really damn cool. O_o And besides, we never got FFT in Europe, so I won't even notice what's missing. yay. Also, the GBA SP is super-sexy. O_o Which is always a plus, no matter what game you play. O_o

Tactical Error #5
10-01-2003, 02:29 PM
*~Gameplay Spoilers~*
About the abilities system, it has evolved since the original into something akin to the FFIX abilitiy learning mixed wit the original FFT system. Here is a breakdown of the abilities.
Firstly, you can use abilities you have learned in another class but only one set of A-abilities from a different job. You learn abilities by having weapons and Items equipped during battles and missions. Each encounter that unit is involved in gives an amount of AP at the end that is attributed to skills/abilities for the items you have equipped. To begin with, you can only use abilities for items you have equipped, once you learn the ability you no longer need the item to use the ability. Each of the 30+ jobs has a set of A-abilities such as the Fighter's "Fighter Tech" and the Black Mage's "Black Magic." Learned A-abilities are useable as long as you have the set of abilities equipped(You automatically have your current jobs A-ability set and can choose one other jobs set or the Item use ability.)
There are three other types of ability besides the A-ability. R-abilities are reflexive or reactive, meaning they happen automatically when certain circumstances are met. These are things such as "Counter" and "Damage>MP." Next are support or S-abilities. These function all the time when equipped doing things like raising defensive statistics or increasing magical power. Lastly are Combo or C-abilities which require JP or Judge Points to use, there is one for each job learned from Mythril weapons.These allow units to gang up on foes to deal massive damage.
This re-worked job system along with the five races, Totema, Law system, World Map, Story, and battle style makes for at least an interesting time for veterans of the old game and newcommers to the genre alike.