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Vivi FF
07-08-2003, 10:16 AM
If you were to choose which summons (from all of the FFs) you'd want in your ideal Final Fantasy game, which would they be? Meaning for example, you'll need a thunder summon, which would you'd rather have: Ramuh, Quezecolt, Ixion, etc.? You can also make up your own summon, either completing (with name abilities) or just the rough outline/type of what you want your summon to be (ie. having Stitch with electric powers being your thunder summon).

OK, here's my list:

Fire: Ifrit
Ice: Shiva
Thunder: Quezecolt
Water: Leviathan
Earth: Fenrir
Wind: Fenrir or Typhoon (not many good wind summons IMO)
Poison/Status Affects: Hades
Gravity: Diablos
Holy: Alexander (Madeen was pretty cool, though)
Shadow: Definately, not Ark. I'd like either a Bahamut or Hades or Anima or Diablos with shadow-elemental properties

Yojimbo (who can attack Ninja style w/o paying him)

Cerebus (who can also attack)
Carbuncle (who can also attack and add different spells like Haste or Regen)
Stitch! (he'll be an awesome summon who can do alot of damging combos...)

07-08-2003, 02:30 PM
The summons i'd choose would have very little human likeness, I think FFVIII got it about right, So anywho heres the list.

Fire : Ifrit - its a tradition
Ice : Shiva - again it is a tradition
Thunder : Quezecolt - well the bird can fly Ixion and Ramuh can't
Water : Leviathan - don't know of any others
Earth : Brothers - Minotaur is mythological character so he's been chosen
Poison/Status Affects : Hades - Hades is well known for being hellish, and doomtrain aint quite ass scary
Gravity : Diablos - the only gravity one I know
Holy : Alexander - after FFIX this dude rocks
Shadow :Anima - he kicks ass with no effort

Bahamut It can fly in space what more do you want
Odin- Only if it has more of a brain than the FF8 one
Cactuar - It ignores defences and is very reliable
Knights of the Round - (I know they are kinda humans but they kick ass and are exempt from the rule

I think thats all