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Azderiel Bane
01-14-2002, 12:01 PM
Hey here is a poem that I wrote a while back thats now been published. Tell me what you think about it.


08 February, 2001

The lonesome nights feel even longer
Untold memories perish my dreams
As I deliberate the past
Silver destroys my vision
Thoughts of undoing the sins I commit
Sweep through my broken mind

My heart aches forevermore
I shield myself away from the world
Hoping, wishing, praying for an end
An end for this painful life
The Painful life I once loved
Loved when I was with you

Can things ever turn with us?
I regret the injustice acts I did
I'm sorry for the hurt I caused
Give me a moment please
And I can change to what I was
Before the grief took me over

David M. Smith


Here is another I wrote about Final Fantasy. Its not too good.

The Final Fantasy
26th, Mar, 2001

It's magical effects
Pushes the screen to its limits
Everything begins to flash
The screen becomes flooded with color
It soon explodes
The Final Fantasy becomes a mystical truth
A truth that brings fantasy to it's fullest
Ultima is released
Your front room is gone
In its place is hell
Final Fantasy's hell
The carnage begins around you
Boss fights boss
Hero fights hero
Sephiroth fights Kuja
Cloud fights Squall
It's your job to stop this Final Fantasy
You must pick up your pad
And fight this reality
Back to the fantasy it once was
The Final Fantasy it once was

David M. Smith

01-16-2002, 07:13 PM
whoa that's pretty cool! bout time someone thought of that!