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05-24-2003, 02:52 AM

05-24-2003, 11:08 PM
i liked how ff9 had their trances based on time... not the skill
but i didnt like ff9 for the fact that it went up slower
it also went away after a battle and that pissed me off
it always happens right before a boss too
but in ff7... you can save up your limit breaks...
i didnt like ff8s limit break stuff because it seemed like a combo based limit break system to me... and i hate those type of games
so yes..... i like the ff7 because you had to do something to get to the next level.. unlike ff9 where you just learned a skill and then youre off to the next dyne level... tho the other characters didnt have anything for trance except for vivi... and i know quinas eat ability turns to cook
which is the same thing.... :rolleyes:

Neo Xzhan
05-25-2003, 07:33 AM
Well I haven't played FFIX so I can't judge on that, I liked FFVII's limit break system over FFVIII's. Why? Because in FFVIII you need to be low on health to get it, advantage is that you can use it multiple times in one battle. Downside, the character using his/her limits is very prone to attacks and will die sooner/more often. in FFVII there is a steady build up, you can even affect its uild up speed. Downside is that you loose your gauge when you die. But you can always rely on them.

05-25-2003, 09:12 AM
<font color=red face="comic sans ms">I think Trance really sucked. Unlike in FF7 and FF8, it meant that limit breaks didn't get priority, so using it for healing and such wasn't great. The main thing I did hate though is that you had to use it as soon as you got it. If you didn't use it then the Trance was wasted, and you couldn't save it for the next battle. The animations in and out of Trance took too long, and it was particularly annoying if you finished a Trance at the end of a battle, nd it had to animate out of it before the victory dances too. >_<

As for limits in FF7 and FF8, I liked both systems. I'd probably say I liked FF8's more, as it meant that you had to take some sort of risk to get limits, and it was useful to get something like Full-Cure right when you needed it. Aura did make the game far too easy though. And FF7's system was good, pretty standard way to get limits after being attacked for a certain amount of damage, so I really liked that one too. :)

05-26-2003, 09:51 PM
I always enjoyed FFVII's limit system. I thought Final Fantasy VIII's kinda made it too easy, especially when you get Aura and then you can basically get a limit any time you want. Trance was okay, although it never really excited me that much. It was nice when it came up, but I hated how you couldn't really save it. One nice thing about though was unlike the limits you could keep using it until the bar ran out.

does FF10 have something like this which is better?
Well, since you asked, I'm assuming you want to know. Final Fantasy X has a system called "Overdrives." It's similar to Limits in that you can save it up. The differences:

- With limits and trances, the gauge fills up when your character is damaged. Final Fantasy X takes it to a whole new level with "Overdrive modes." There are a whole bunch of these, ranging from Stoic, which is just like a traditional limit, to Warrior (fills up as you deal damage) to Tactician (fills up every time you use a status attack.) There really are quite a few of these, but Comrade is one of the most useful. It fills up your bar when allies take damage and is part of character-building trick which I won't go into detail on since you haven't played the game yet.

- The other major difference is that your summons also have special Overdrives. These are kinda different from the character overdrives in two ways: there's no "mode" for them (they just fill up as damage is taken) and also that they drop to zero if the summon is killed. (Not true with the character overdrives.)

BTW, a bit of trivia for everyone, Final Fantasy VI had something like this too. It was called "Desperation" attacks and each character had a unique one which had the possiblity of simply showing up at random if their HP was really low.

03-12-2004, 06:01 AM
ff7 - 8 limits cus u can use em when u want 2 unlike the shity trance!