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  1. Jenova in FF7AC Best theory !!!!MUST READ!!!!
  2. Official AC thread- Advent Children discussion goes here.
  3. Official AC thread #2- Advent Children discussion goes
  4. Before Crisis information
  5. FF7 - Dirge of Cerberus
  6. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Official Thread
  7. Official Advent Children Thread #4 -- RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED!
  8. FFVII ADVENT CHILDREN: Aeris and yuna
  9. FFVII "Spin-offs" wanted??
  10. Final Fantasy 7 Avent Chilren release dates
  11. My FF VII: Advent Children AMV
  12. Cloud & Tifa?
  13. new trailers and release date of advent children
  14. Advent Children release
  15. advent children trailer
  16. Advent Children US release
  17. Advent Children English Subtitles
  18. What did you think of FFVII:Advent Children?
  19. Advent Children Leak
  20. FAO: People who keep spamming me with spoilers on FFVII:AC
  21. where can I download AC?
  22. ac in uk
  23. doc in uk
  24. what is cc
  25. what is bc
  26. Zack in DC?
  27. torrent link for last order !
  28. simple subtitles instructions <33
  29. coolest character in ac
  30. how much
  31. basic last order information & links
  32. crisis core concept trailer
  33. Logo
  34. am I the only one that was waiting the whole length of the movie
  35. game spot screens
  36. Ultimate Pack Question
  37. ac release dates and stuff
  38. FFVII:On a way to a smile chapters here
  39. Will there be a region 3 UMD??
  40. Advent Children One Winged Angel MP3
  41. Last Order??
  42. Need the name of a song on FF:AC movie
  43. Tifa play arts
  44. playonline doc site
  45. some of the original doc magazine scans
  46. emulating before crisis?
  47. Ringtone of Kadaj's buddy in church, after Tifa lays him out?
  48. I have the movie have some one else it 2?
  49. Is there going to be another final fantasy 7 movie
  50. Not so happy
  51. Advent Children Song Identification Needed
  52. advent children soundtrack http download
  53. Am i the only person to not download this film?
  54. new one winged angel lyrics
  55. Last Order Music
  56. Final Fantasy Advent Children: What's the deal with Kadaj and his gang??
  57. Release date
  58. Release date
  59. finally! ive seen advent children!
  60. FAO: Sarah
  61. Final Fantasy Advent Children Unleashed
  62. Aeris (warning: possible spoilers)
  63. getting it in english
  64. aeris and zack, spoilers
  65. subtitles txt quick question
  66. Advent Children hidden pic reflection...
  67. ive finally got it !!!!!
  68. Theory and answers
  69. Uorya?
  70. FFVII: Before Crisis image gallery
  71. AUSTRALIAN FF7 movie
  72. finally seen advent children
  73. AC Pics
  74. Random Dog in Advent Children *possible Spoilers*
  75. sketches.
  76. Selling Advent Children Disk
  77. FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus image gallery
  78. direct download
  79. music from AC
  80. My NEW AC music videos! (and more)
  81. requests for songs, download links etc
  82. Buy Advent Children Now
  83. Enormous FF7 AC Theory Analysis (Major Spoilers)
  84. Theory about Rude and Reno *Spoilers*
  85. favorite character?
  86. Concerns for Crisis Core??
  87. Tifa and Aries
  88. Which women u like most in ffAC?
  89. Rufus (Possible Spoilers)
  90. look what i found
  91. heheheh any one...
  92. FF7:AC - Why it ISN'T a good movie.
  93. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS (look at this pic)
  94. Downloading ffAC
  95. Tifa in AC. *possbile sp*
  96. where to watch
  97. Whats with the beginning of the movie?
  98. FFVII Compilation
  99. Gackt in DC
  100. New Trailer realeased
  101. Two new hi-res magazine scans
  102. Best scene in ffAC
  103. Aeirs Theory
  104. Denzil theory in FF:AC
  105. About that FF7 anime
  106. Compilation of Final Fantasy VII Charter & Notable Threads (read this before posting)
  107. Kevin Michael Richardson as Barret?
  108. lmao
  109. omg if anyone could help me would be eternally greatful!
  110. Yo were oh?
  111. The Spirits Within or FF: AC
  112. new dirge of cerberus screens
  113. Guess on how terrible this game will be
  114. dirge of cerberus: lost episode info & interview
  115. i will...never be a memory
  116. Renos Weapon
  117. newish crisis core details from famitsu
  118. My FF7 AC movie
  119. Advent Children parody
  121. anyone watched FF7:Last Order ???
  122. Something that just got to me...
  123. English Vers. Advent Children BLOWS!!!
  124. watch advent children?
  125. Who the heel is this
  126. Anticipated for this.
  127. best scene in advent children
  128. i know the exact release date for CRISIS CORE!!!
  129. mad funny A.C. movies
  130. U.S. site fully open.
  131. who is this?
  133. vincent
  134. how does cloud move from contant to contant
  135. As much as i love FF7..............
  136. Do you think the some of the action sequences were too farfetched?
  137. Last Order, Right Here
  138. Uk release date
  139. Got mine.
  140. Brace yourselves, this game sucks
  141. Question
  142. What is with the release on this!!
  143. "Theory about Lost Episode (Potential Spoilers)"
  144. Where are you so far in the game!
  145. Red XIII got jipped.
  146. Cait Sith has a Scottish accent?
  147. who here likes cloud strife
  148. red ribbon?
  149. Which fighting style is better?
  150. Secret G-Reposts
  151. Final Fantasy Last Order youtube video
  152. Is it?
  153. FF7: AC director's cut
  154. Was anyone else bothered by the camera?
  155. Kadaj Is Gay
  156. Crisis Core TGS trailer (Description)
  157. FF7: Advent Children Music Video
  158. Square-Enix is milking FFVII way too much
  159. is aerith the wolf?
  160. Hard Mode
  161. I heard that this game is a big let down from Square
  162. Famitsu interview with Tetsuya Nomura on CC
  163. FFAC, what could have been made better?
  164. Ladies and Gentlemen, Position Number Five
  165. "The comissioner says I keep wasting my time searching..."
  166. fmv intro?
  167. chap 4 keycards?
  168. It's out now in the UK.
  169. Crisis Core TGS 2006 trailer
  170. Last Order, out of order?
  171. Final Fantasy VII: The Musical
  172. I have a Question about a character..
  173. [SPOILERS] Secret Ending stuff ....
  174. is it good
  175. "Hands On: Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core"-IGN
  176. A few new images~
  177. Eight new Crisis Core scans
  178. Vincents eyes
  179. What to the G reports say?
  180. Now I know this isn't Crisis Core...
  181. Why does Reno lose his tongue???
  182. Translation Issues?
  183. Last Order/AC confusion
  184. question?
  185. Those Weird Paracetamol Thingies
  186. sephiroth's reasons (?)
  187. I need some help!
  188. Best game ever?
  189. red ribbons
  190. Who loves Advent Children?
  191. Extra Missions Then
  192. Sephiroths last name?
  194. advent children best anime award
  195. What song is this?
  196. Five new magazine scans (7/3/07)
  197. general stuff
  198. Crisis Core demo will be at the SE party 07
  199. Famitsu scans 9/3/07
  200. Chapter 3 protecting Kid
  201. Games CD Key Wants ?I have many PC Games CD Key (www.*********)
  202. Seven new scans 17/3/07
  203. (AMV)Final Fantasy - The Final Dream
  204. Jump Festa 2007 Trailer (26/3/07)
  205. Tiny bits of info
  206. Does it really fit in?
  207. Jump Festa 2007 Trailer (ENG SUBTITLES)
  208. Crisis Core official website now open! (ENG translation here)
  209. FF7 - AC funny videos
  210. some questions
  211. They got busted by Square Enix for...
  212. Omega Art.....
  213. Least Essential Character?
  214. Minor CC website update
  215. Gameplay Style?
  216. Favorite Scene
  217. Funniest Captions EVER.
  218. i need help.
  219. New Crisis Core scan
  220. Official Japanese release date
  221. FFVII Crisis Core Square-Enix Party 07 info
  222. Secret downloadable tracks from SE party now available!
  223. Four new Famitsu scans
  224. Final Fantasy VII Movies a sequel????
  225. The Truth About FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus
  226. Before Crisis heading for PSP?
  227. CC official website update-12/6/07
  228. Aeris and Aerith??
  229. Do you like this game?
  230. Advent children parody!
  231. Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Ceberus Film
  232. A Game To End All FF7 Compilation
  233. Crisis Core promotional material released
  234. Dirge of Cerberus on Xbox 360?
  235. I've decided to buy FF VII: Crisis Core!!
  236. Battle in the Church
  237. Something I really Don't Understand (FFShrine Advent Children Page)
  238. New Crisis Core trailer (27/8/07)
  239. Crisis Core intro video
  240. Just wanted to remind you guys
  241. Two in game battle videos
  242. Vincent & Yuffie 4EVAR
  243. no sound on ripped DVD version
  244. Crisis Core ( possibly, maybe) confirms FFVII remake?
  245. Angeal & Genesis Vs. Sephiroth cutscene complete
  246. Crisis Core won't be last FFVII game
  247. Crisis Core Music (Request)
  248. TGS 07 BC, CC and DC wallpapers
  249. Crisis Core OST
  250. Game Script