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  1. FF7 AC Characters Page
  2. Zack Fair , Mistaken ending or identity
  3. Zack Fair, Mistaken ending or identity
  5. Crisis Core Ultimania
  6. Dirge of cerberus - The Directors Cut
  7. crisis core help
  8. FF VII: Crisis Core out March 25th, 2008!!!
  9. crisis core
  10. I need help at some place
  11. The Maiden who Walks the Planet
  12. Crisis Core official North Amercian website
  14. Crisis core screen saver
  15. UK Release date?
  16. FFVII Dirge of Cerberus FMV's
  17. [Request]FF7 signature
  18. Need a specific artwork
  19. Out in Europe in Spring
  20. Final Fantasy Advent Children The Movie
  21. Elfe characteristics
  22. Epic Death
  23. cloaked figure= yuffie?
  24. UK release date?
  25. What would be an Alternative name for FFVII?
  26. Alright...
  27. Which of the Three clones and why?
  28. Crisis Core English clips
  29. My trailer of Advent children
  30. Q: Crisis Core English version
  31. TURKS
  32. is cloud a bad person?
  33. Worst Character in AC
  34. Why-English version (fan-make)
  35. Too bad I already have the FFVII PSP from Japan
  36. Normura hints-future roles for cloud...
  37. What's the name of this song??
  38. Advent Children Music Video - What I've Done
  39. Crisis Core Featured in GamePRO Magazine
  40. Favorite Before Crisis Characters
  41. final fantasy new releases, movies, games.
  42. Halfway done....
  43. Just Your Typical Favourite Character Thread
  44. Crisis Core Release!
  45. Advent Children fan made trailer
  46. DMW (Digital Media Wave) - Questions
  47. Voices
  48. Crisis Core chapter end pictures
  49. What you Expect / Hope to see
  50. Music
  51. Crisis Core English Version
  52. Buster Sword Question
  53. Crisis Core's Ending (SPOILERS)
  54. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII On PS2 Petition
  56. Crises Core Questions
  57. Crises Core Questions
  58. How does Fusion really work?
  59. What's the best way to level materia?
  60. The game
  61. Genesis, Project G.
  62. How in hell....
  63. I GIVE UP
  64. I just noticed something...
  65. CC: Cloud was a pussy!
  66. I'm enjoying my new copy of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  67. A few plot questions (mostly about BC)
  68. Before Crisis, anyone?
  69. 2 main questions...
  70. Crisis core artbook
  71. Just started playing Crisis Core.
  72. so who is genesis ?
  73. FF VII for PS3
  74. Advent Children Easter Eggs
  75. searching for two wallpapers
  76. Safe and sound not on US ACC?
  77. For Those That Don't Like This Film - True Story
  78. Advent Children Parody Video
  79. Super Funny Final Fantasy Film Including Darth Vader
  80. Can't find ACC...
  81. a question
  82. Does anyone else lag in high-action areas in FFVII:DoC?
  83. Cloud Strife: Not really he good old Cloud Strife
  84. FFVII OST in Advent Children
  85. I watched Crisis for the very first time a few days ago..
  86. is it me
  87. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children tribute
  88. What are the red marks on Reno's face?
  89. The whole point of the FFVII series in one sentence