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  1. Best movie/TV show scenes
  2. Space Oddity: Sung by Astronaut in International Space Station
  3. From A-Z, characters along with the actors/actresses who portray them
  4. Bates Motel
  5. Arrow
  6. Revolution
  7. Once Upon A Time
  8. Revenge
  9. 666 Park Avenue
  10. 24 revival, cancellation of Touch
  11. : Memorable TV quotes
  12. Memorable movie quotes
  13. Favorite TV characters
  14. TV characters you hate
  15. Movie characters you hate
  16. When you do get emotional during a TV show or movie?
  17. What's the movie You Watched (And which currently?)
  18. Best and worst trailers of all time?
  19. Parts of movies that made you say, "What the...?"
  20. New star wars cartton "rebels"
  21. What is the name of this song?
  22. Any lyric from a song that hold any meaning for you?
  23. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  24. Real Stories of The Highway Patrol chat thread
  25. Drive, 1995
  26. Watch This Is The End Movie Online
  27. AWESOME INTERVIEW for even the most casual Taker fan
  28. Rutger Hauer Actor Tribute
  29. Does anyone happen to have an old pirated copy of HP and the Goblet of Fire?
  30. NBC's "Hannibal" season 1 (Spoilers)
  31. List upcoming DVD/Blu Ray releases that has you excited
  32. Movies you'd recommend that others watch
  33. Upcoming films you're anticipating
  34. TV shows you can't wait to see return
  35. Girl Meets World
  36. Best movie opening/ending scenes
  37. Best TV openings/endings
  38. Best TV opening/ending themes
  39. Best movie opening/ending themes
  40. What was the last wrestling match/event you saw?
  41. TV Channels/stations A-Z
  42. TV characters from A-Z
  43. Movie characters from A-Z
  44. Does anyone here have these film fanedits?
  45. What current TV shows do you follow regularly?
  46. Falling Skies
  47. Revolution
  48. Arroiw
  49. Once Upon A Time In neverland
  50. Once Upon A Time
  51. Revenge
  52. Ben Affleck cast as Batman
  53. 300 And WATCHMEN Composer Tyler Bates To Score GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
  54. Help! Look for The Lottery Changed My Life
  55. New RoboCop Trailer
  56. The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  57. Double Wheel of Fortune discussion thread please read
  58. The Differences Between the Two Tron Movies
  59. Monty Python's Previous Record
  60. Cryptic Movies: What happened?
  61. Song used in Resident Evil (2002) Movie
  62. Epic Movie (The Type of Cinema, not the 2007 Movie)
  63. Holy shit! TWIN PEAKS and David Lynch is back!
  64. Guardians of the Galaxy First Trailer!
  65. What are your favourite science fiction tv shows?
  66. Watch Non Stop Online Stream
  67. Samurai Jack: The Birth of Evil in IMAX? (Just an idea of mine!)
  68. And the Yellow King is . . . (The True Detective finale)
  69. I hate it when.....
  70. How I Met Your Mother Original OST
  72. Walter White's meth created "The Walking Dead"?
  73. Your Favorite Actor And Actress That Have Already Passed On
  74. "The Rescue" coming from Intrada!
  75. L O S T - A complete tracklist of the 121 episodes' score composed by M. Giacchino
  76. Books VS. Shows (NSFW): Swearing ahead.
  77. Constantine: the TV Series - 1st Trailer
  78. Memorable Moments
  79. Question regarding Intrada Score for Conan the Barbarian
  80. Little Shop of Horrors: The Imitation Workprint Livestream
  81. Would a Samurai Jack movie be possible or impossible?
  82. Fargo (FX TV show); Thoughts?
  83. Outcast of the Star Trek Thread Reunion Thread
  84. "Marvel Cinematic Universe" Discussion Thread
  85. 10 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man 2 changed from script to screen
  86. Mad Max: Fury Road. Comic-con Trailer.
  87. What is Your All-Time Favorite Scenes/Episodes in Animation?
  88. Toho's The Last War-Sekai daisenso (1961)
  89. The Official Animated Movie Quotes and Gifs Thread
  90. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  91. Galaxy Quest...I hope they make a TV show
  92. Outcast of the Star Trek Thread Reunion Thread Part II
  93. How good do you think the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice OST will be?
  95. HELP: Is it Possible to play 5.1 FLAC files from flash drive to Audio Receiver?
  96. Do you like watch latest movie online free
  97. Tomorrowland Trailer
  98. John Wick . . . Damn, just Damn. A Review.
  99. Marvel Cinematic Universe - Five Year Plan
  100. No Hulk or Black Widow Standalone Movies
  101. Interstellar Soundtrack - Track Listing and Release Date
  102. Horns: A Review
  103. "Classic" Battlestar Galactica coming to Blu-Ray in 2015
  104. Steven Universe!
  105. Guardians of the Galaxy Dance-Off
  106. Paramount Shuts Down Production on Star Trek 3.
  107. Hobbit Movie!
  108. Mad Max: Fury Road - New Trailer
  109. Marvel/DC (Movie's And TV Series Discussion Thread)
  110. Star Trek 3 to go all Guardians of the Galaxy?
  111. Addicting TV Serie, that put you in good mood ?
  112. [SPOILERS] The Hobbit 3: The Battle of the Five Armies
  113. The Riddle of GoGo Tomago of the Big Hero 6
  114. The Pixar Scores Discussion Thread
  115. How the Marvel Cinematic Universe Ends . . Not Joking . . . Spoilers Ahead
  116. Fantastic Four Reboot Looking Not So Fantastic
  117. Captain America vs. Star-Lord: Best. Superbowl. Bet. Ever.
  118. James Gunn hosts Live GOTG commentary Jan. 22nd on Facebook.
  119. Movie or TV show ideas (Share yours, if you have any)
  120. DC Comics Cinematic Universe
  121. Kingsman: The Secret Service: A Review
  122. Jupiter Ascending: A Review
  123. ☆ Original Television Score
  124. ☆ Original Television Soundtrack
  125. Favorite Anime Scenes/Moments
  126. the company refocuses with special
  127. star wars part 7 thread
  128. Fifty Shades of Grey
  129. Power/Rangers: This Is How You Do The Mighty Morphin(e) Power Rangers
  130. Gozilla 2014
  131. Leonard Nimoy Has Passed.
  132. Kobe Bryant's Muse
  133. The Director of the New Spider-Man Movie is . . .
  134. CHAPPiE: A Review
  135. Dredd 2: Why a sequel WILL NOT happen.
  136. Run All Night: A Review.
  137. Weekly Star Trek Web Series!
  138. Soundtrack with the Cimbalom
  140. It Follows: A Review
  141. Deadpool gets its "R" rating.
  142. Superhero TV
  143. Marvel Animated Universe
  144. DC Animated Universe
  145. Final Terminator: Genisys Trailer
  146. Ant-Man Trailer
  147. Record Labels from A to Z
  148. Did anyone watch X (manga)
  149. Wayward Pines: The Pilot. A Review.
  150. Looking Forward to Ghostbusters 3?
  151. Kung Fury (2015) - A Kickstarter-funded 80s movie full of cheese
  152. Tron 3: A Petition to Reverse Disney's Decision to Pull the Plug
  153. Terminator Genisys!
  154. This is undoubtedly the best 4 minutes in TV history. (Desmond/Hatch reveal - LOST)
  155. Brad Bird's The Iron Giant returns in a Special Limited Re-Release this fall...
  156. The Official Star Trek Thread v2.0
  157. STAR TREK -- News and/or Memories
  158. NBC's "Hannibal" (spoilers ahead)
  159. Flarrow Verse [The Flash, Arrow And Spin-Off] Discussions Thread (Spoilers)
  160. Suicide Squad Trailer
  161. "DC Cinematic Universe" Disscussion Thread
  162. Screenshots: The Island (2005) blu-ray remux
  163. Ash vs. Evil Dead (Coming to Starz on 10-31-2015)
  164. The X-Files returns in 2016!!
  165. 2015 Fall TV Premieres List
  166. Wes Craven dead at 76
  167. Wes Craven retrospective
  168. Almost a week...
  169. Could use some help creating an IMDB List ~ The Best Loner, Science Fiction Headcase
  170. Final "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Trailer
  171. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Japanese Trailer - New Footage.
  172. Ennio Morricone / Cinema Paradisio / Other Morricone Music
  173. Batman v Superman Trailer
  174. Teases for Once Upon A Time Season 5B
  175. Holiday List: Christmas movies
  176. Marvel Phase 2 Box Set Deleted Scenes
  177. My dream movie: An epic GoGo Tomago movie trilogy from Disney!
  178. star wars part 7 ost
  179. Shadow hunters to air on Netflix for those outside US
  180. What is your favorite Christmas TV Special?
  181. The best thing about Disney's Song of the South
  182. The Hateful Eight - A Review
  183. The Divergent Series: Allegiant movie Tie-in book
  184. Cut scene from Inside Out's Theatrical release?
  185. The Revenant: A Review
  186. Finding Shadowhunters Tv series on Netflix
  187. George Miller WILL make another Mad Max film. Frankie Say "Relax."
  188. Thomas and the Magic Railroad Director's Cut Project
  189. Looking for the Following Cory in the House episodes
  190. New Suicide Squad Trailer: Bohemian Rhapsody
  191. The Divergent Series Allegiant Twitter Q&A tomorrow Jan 22 @ 1030am PST
  192. The Divergent Series Allegiant Trailer brings about same emotions as Force Awakens
  193. Thoughts on Shadowhunters TV Show
  194. Constantine (Brian Tyler)
  195. Brother Bear and the Incredible Changing Aspect Ratio
  196. How Lion Guard fits into Simba's Pride/The Lion King series as a whole
  197. Most Anticipated movies of 2016
  198. Disney Movie Reward Coupons for Sale
  199. My Appreciation of The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  200. Dead pool: A Review (Spoiler-Free!)
  201. The VVitch: A Review
  202. Shadowhunters show runner on the series' future plans
  203. Disney Movie Rewards Point entry error
  204. The Dexter's Laboratory 20th Anniversary Thread
  205. New John Debney interview
  206. What Are You Currently Watching? - Take Two
  207. Buying Super Tickets of Divergent Allegiant will help Divergent Ascendant happen
  208. Captain America: Civil War (SPOILERS - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK)
  209. The Jungle Book (Sulley's Review)
  210. Zootopia Discussion Thread (2016)
  211. Captain America: Civil War (Sulley's Review)
  212. The Divergent Series: Ascendant (Final Divergent Movie)
  213. Georges Delerue radio programme
  214. Star Wars Celebration Europe
  215. My New Roy Budd Radio show
  216. DC-CWVerse
  217. Great news guys
  218. Music for a self-made horror film
  219. Rescoring the Star Wars Saga [A Thematic Material Discussion]
  220. Anybody received the ST:ENT Vol 2 set yet?
  221. Westworld TV Show HBO
  222. Wolverine III's Official Title: Logan
  223. Ulysses 31 crowdfunding original score
  224. Anyone Remember the [Original] Powerpuff Girls?
  225. Wolf Creek (TV Series) - Thoughts?
  226. Carrie Fisher Has Died
  227. Best Movies of 2016?
  228. Split (2017) - SPOILER DISCUSSION - M. Night Shyamalan
  229. Recording starts on Alien: Covenant!
  230. Robert Folk - Toy Soldiers (Intrada) chronological order request
  231. Logan - 2017
  232. Beware the Seven Daughters of Aku!
  233. Question
  234. Does this design remind you of any specific TV and or Film?
  235. Explanations for dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar's Revenge (SPOILERS Obviously)
  236. Having troubles, what should I do?
  237. Jerry Bruckheimer: Home Media Sales Could Help Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Happen
  238. Justice League "Zack Snyder" petition
  239. Avengers Infinity War Trailer Comes Thursday!
  240. 80s Transformers/sunbow scores - Robert J Walsh
  241. Can anyone identify these soundtrack clips?
  242. My Favorite Movies of 2017
  243. So, Iím apart of something!!! - UPCOMING FILM PROJECT
  244. Anyone here watch Midsomer Murders?
  245. Request Dracula 1979 VHSrip
  246. Any Sonic SatAM love?
  247. Matrix Sountrack - Is this a bootleg ?
  249. Mel Gibson Set To Remake The Wild Bunch