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  1. Upload space help for large contribution
  2. Playing .fsb Files in Foobar
  3. how to unzip/playback blu ray audio
  4. HELP! iTunes Misorganises Albums When Using Roman Numerals to Number Albums
  5. [Windows] Steam .bank files
  6. How to cue-split TAK files?
  7. FLAC Adapter for iTunes
  8. Extracting Music From Unity Games?
  9. delete account
  10. dBPowerAmp 15.3 Problems
  11. Tag&Rename Track Title Editing
  13. Change in login policy?
  14. GOOGLE Search
  15. MY old (first) accound was never propperly activated...
  16. Account Deletion
  17. Like + Share buttons gone/disabled?
  18. URGENT SECURITY NOTICE- you should change your passwords
  19. Ware do you go to Re Quest OST's
  20. How do I give a reputation point on a thread or link?
  21. Search Error
  22. Account Disabled
  23. What happened to the sitemap (NEW listings only)???
  24. HOW can i DELETE my ACCOUNT?
  25. Slow Loading Times
  26. Archive pages
  27. Two requests
  28. please delete my post
  29. search functionality should work now
  30. How do I set my avatar?
  31. Current archive
  32. Shrine mods
  33. Converting G1l to mp3 or flac?
  34. Extracting Vorbis from FSB Files
  35. Where is the classical music requests?
  36. Liked posts
  37. Help extracting music from DCR file
  38. Delete my account?
  39. vBulletin Got Hacked Again
  40. List Of Big Game Music Download Threads
  41. Change number of threads to one page
  42. How to rip music from a DVD?
  43. Any differences between lossless CD rips & digital lossless?
  44. Music Manager Replacements
  45. Can I force my computer to stop converting everything to stereo?
  46. Un ruley moderator
  47. flash audio capture using IE?
  48. To Admins: WHY? GOD WHY? {lyrics}
  49. Problem with messaging!!!
  50. please delete my account
  51. Account Deletion
  52. Who's running this shit?
  53. Page Background Won't Stay Put.
  54. Account is accidentally dead/de-activated?
  55. Questions on the Complete LOTR recordings
  56. Sent Messages Folder
  57. L'ombre d'un geant (Musical) (1997) Soundtrack
  58. Can You Remove a Poll from a Thread?
  60. Gaspar Noe's LOVE
  61. Source of this music?
  62. LIKE icon
  63. Songs of the Desert ----The Avalon Boys
  64. Need help identifying music software
  65. Admin, please delete my account
  66. Yasuharu Takanashi (Far East Groove and Miyamoto Musashi)
  67. What is the best file to split FLAC Cue files into individual tracks
  68. Any FSB extraction tools that can convert more than one file at a time?
  69. Galbadia hotel download error
  70. Password error
  71. Lost your account? Password changed? Created a new account? [Recovery]
  72. Site Inaccessible in Firefox
  73. Can't access actual account
  74. flac to mp3
  75. Authentication Required !
  76. avatar / authentication prompt issue should be resolved now
  77. Need to Boost your Post Count to gain PM Capability?
  78. Question about Thread
  79. Breach.
  80. I cannot see thid site from Chrome On my computer
  81. Account Not Working, Can't Reset Password.
  82. Someone hacked my account
  83. Can't Connect from Home?
  84. Request to delete my account
  85. Legal issues?
  86. The Aim/Purpose of FINAL FANTASY Shrine
  87. Is there anyway to see which users have given you Reputation points?
  88. MEGA: Bandwidth quota exceeded
  89. MEGA Running Slow
  90. Tools and methods that you use to extract audio from discs, bluray, etc.
  91. Post at Anime Downloads session
  92. Making a BBCode Table
  93. Unable to play cue files in Foobar2000
  94. Database Error ?
  95. "Friends & Contacts" function
  96. Is there a VGM sharing thread
  97. Is it allowed to request game-related things other than music?
  98. Uploaded.net and Adblock
  99. FFShrine doesn't send any emails
  100. replie question
  101. How to convert .APE files
  102. Password lost when email address unavailable?
  103. Where Did Zoran Go?
  104. Forum Downtime
  105. Avatar Probelms...
  106. Not receiving any updates
  107. Waiting on e-mail password reset confirmation... for quite a while.
  108. Please delete my account
  109. Hey Leon, could you please stop that MYZUNRARA guy from raping this forum?
  110. submitting unofficial music ost?
  111. Awaiting Email Confirmation (Hidden Links)/Password Not Working
  112. Torrents.
  113. What's the forum's position on AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake)?
  114. Crash and Wi fi
  115. Sorting music download threads
  116. Reputation Question
  117. Can't send any pms!
  118. PM e-mail notification not working
  119. Should New Album releases get a 1 or 2 week ban until they can be shared here?
  120. Sending yourself the password DOESN'T WORK!
  121. how to RIP game files old MONOLITH Games? NOLF etc.?
  122. inre Film Music ban by certain labels
  123. Delete my account
  124. any way to get over the 1.5 GB limit per account on Mega?
  125. About Removing SFX with Audacity
  126. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice....available?
  127. About Extending Music Tracks
  128. Assholes like that are the BANE of any true file-sharer here!
  129. Varèse Sarabande
  130. inbox issues
  131. My Inbox is Blocked
  132. inbox / private message issues should be resolved now
  133. Oh where, oh where, did my Sent Mail go?
  134. Why did the Star Trek thread 'disappear'??
  135. I can't change my avatar
  136. Can't get my password reset
  137. Thread rating
  138. Photo Size at Posts of FFShrine
  139. Forum "timing out" problems
  140. [Question] Can i use Baidu links to post new topics?
  141. Recommended "Web-Ripping" Techniques/Tools
  142. Not receiving any emails
  143. delete my account
  144. Trying To Update My Account
  145. Clarification on the Contraband music label list?
  146. What happended to my Star Wars 1977 Main Title "Recostruction" thread???
  147. HELP!!! - My PM on FF seems to not be working!!!
  148. forums are (finally) back up: emails should work, avatars should be back up soon
  149. Profile picture?
  150. Thread ratings question
  151. the galbadia hotel is not working
  152. Unsubscribe?
  153. Thread Move Request
  154. Old Account prevented from many features
  155. Unlimited Reputation?
  156. Sheets database: moved or gone?
  157. Looking for PheeSees!
  158. Request for Account Deletion
  159. Was There Any Rule That States That Members cannot Ask For Download Links For Games?
  160. Are we allowed to request titles that can't be uploaded publicly?
  161. can anyone pls upload scarface redux verison
  162. Smiley/Gif Menu Broken
  163. Can't access the PM page?
  164. Dumb anti bot system
  165. Forum Courtesy
  166. SPAM, PUP, SCAM on website without Add-Blocker
  167. internal server error on settings
  168. I think I preferred this site...
  169. High CPU usage while browsing the forum
  170. the malware/coin miner issue should be resolved
  171. Password problems
  172. Like icon Again
  173. How to add spoilers for tracklists?
  174. Where to sell?
  175. Can't open spoilers
  176. sharing VGM/Anime/movies thread
  177. thx thx thank you thx thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
  178. Posting Images of Cds
  180. Count of Downloads
  181. 2001 Space Odyssey soundtrack...remastered version and extras
  185. Missa Duplex per Totum Annum · (Thomas Stoltzer)2018
  186. deleting post
  187. Subscription Settings
  188. TAGS
  189. I can't post on VGM Downloads
  190. using reputation points
  191. How to post photos & hide info
  192. Potential Website Malware?
  193. Is there a minimum of amount of posts required to receive messages?
  194. impossible to upload images in thread or avatar with Mac
  195. Massive amounts of pop up ads
  196. Is it possible to include iframe in signature?
  197. Search question
  198. Sent Items in 'My Messages' section is always blank
  199. Question about a movie?
  200. Question related to an album & request
  201. "Captcha has been removed"
  202. Stop uploading Kirby game music
  203. posts with photos stored on POSTIMAGE.ord disappeared
  204. Stop sharing crappy "custom" covers for albums
  205. Deleting a thread
  206. is there any plan to fix the crap on the site?
  207. working on hack/malware issues right now
  208. Difference between FLAC and others like MP3 or WAV?
  209. Delete Thread
  210. Why can't I upload pictures?
  211. is possible delete my account please ?
  212. SSL on FFShrine
  213. Deleting my own posts
  214. Problem with adding photos to the forum
  215. Support release of unreleased soundtrack
  216. Searching for videogame music original files
  217. Please delete this thread I made
  218. private message non enabled in my account
  219. Help Rstoring Deleted Recrodings from Bell Fibe HDPVR
  220. Paid Requests allowed?
  221. the forum gets blocked by avg internet security
  222. Cannot reach any actual download page (site)
  223. Pictures too big > size reduced > still too big
  224. What the hell happened to my thread?
  225. whappen to the website?
  226. What happened to my thread guys?
  227. Delete my profile
  228. Search not working for some titles
  229. Not getting topic subscription notifications!
  230. Problems with the forum - PM - spoilers, etc.
  231. for music!!
  232. I am very painful QQ
  233. Staff: Large search quality/accuracy issues
  234. New Member Sending Spam
  235. Change Thread Title
  236. Star Wars Audio Dramas
  237. Henry Mancini
  238. Can an Administrator message me?
  239. The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr. - EDELMAN PROMO
  240. Why can't we delete our own threads?
  241. I was banned for no reason. (Zac2uzumaki)
  242. What happened
  243. my posts was deleted
  244. Troll threads/users
  245. Clarification on the "No 20th Century Fox" rule in light of the Disney acquisition
  246. Who is/are the MORON(S) who is/are downrating all our contributions?
  247. What's been with the forums being down lately?
  248. Battle Angel Alita/ Gunnm anime soundtrack & image album?
  249. Question about what is allowed
  250. "In connection with the release of a new version of the browser from..."messageappear