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  2. Linking via Hits!!
  3. MODS - Please edit this THREAD
  4. Downloading sound from YOutube videos
  5. Vintage Commercials
  6. How to delete user account.
  7. sendspace problem,alwayes have corrupted .rars
  8. iFrame Injection
  9. Ripping PC music (POD5toWEMtoOGG) need names
  10. Profile Pic
  11. Rules
  12. Reccomend me good upload sites
  13. Painfully slow loading times...
  14. will nicht mehr
  15. Email notifications
  16. Why are Varèse Sarabande soundtracks not allowed here?
  17. Posting Comments for New Members
  18. Hey can anyone tell me how to delete my accountedge ON here
  19. where is my thread ?
  20. IRC chat not working
  21. how to make music in order of track...
  22. Let's NOT do the timewarp
  23. need help ripping marvel ultimate alliance
  24. A mystery to be solved or not (regarding missing/deleted threads)
  25. Perhaps the weirdest request yet?
  26. Question regarding video players
  27. need new section
  28. if I provide the rip can anyone here make the music for this game rip longer
  29. What recording can a record label claim legal rights to?
  30. YAHOO MAIL SUCKS (any help or thoughts about it)
  31. On why nobody ever thinks give users the opportunity to easily remove their account..
  32. Rating Threads
  33. Voice Overs?
  34. out of curiousity...
  35. Tech Sports Center?
  36. IS there a place for requests??
  37. Where do I find the Link.....
  38. Can I change my username?
  39. Are there any game experts who would want to give me a hand?
  40. Small feedback
  41. Thread Subscription Question
  42. Musicians who became composers thread?
  43. login time-out TOO QUICK
  44. Im an Audiophile, I have a few questions about track quality here on FFshrine
  45. thanks again for donationstuff
  46. Quote Suggestion..
  47. The Frozen Ground soundtrack release date today but..
  48. Changing Thread title
  49. Is the site lagging/messing up for anyone else?
  50. Reactivate inactive Account
  51. Who made the midi's on ffshrine.org
  52. Legal Downloads? Pleas answer!
  53. Suggestion: Uninstall vBSEO
  54. FF Shrine Downtime
  55. soundtrack info
  56. Please help newbie post/upload images
  57. "Ignore user" still shows user... o_O
  58. my .spc SNES files sound crud?
  59. Tenchu 1 Soundtrack Problems
  60. Where is the used inbox space meter?
  61. Unable to !List on IRC
  62. Where to send files to share?
  63. Can I ask for donations?
  64. Any one have experience with ripping audio voices from video games?
  65. Password
  66. What do I need to do to download Oceans 11 Promo OST?
  67. Can't music download
  68. RESPECT QUESTION about links?
  69. One question about this forum also my help feedback
  70. Donation
  71. Best FREE PRIVATE file host with lowest spam????
  72. Post Not Appear
  74. Unable to record internet radio programme without distortion - HELP!
  75. Can't see the links.
  76. My laptop broke
  77. Cdjapan question
  78. Flac and WAV
  79. Question about private messages. Where are my sent items ?
  80. thank you!
  81. Is this okay?
  82. why is everything so small on the forum suddenly ?
  83. Please delete my account!!
  84. Split posts in a thread
  85. Can't download anything off GH?
  86. Search lossless OST of White Knight Chronicles
  87. Is it possible to ask for the download link to a radio show soundtrack?
  88. are there games out there that are just impossible to get the music
  89. is there a tutorial on how to record music from a game
  90. Change Nickname?
  91. Album request take down.
  92. Posting links to non-game music
  93. Poor search engine?
  94. http://dl1.ffshrine.org/ site down?
  95. Video Game Music Covers Wikia
  96. ?
  97. Topic approval
  98. Removal of my Account
  99. Delete Account
  100. Can't Reset Password
  101. Video game music can't download
  102. Download links at Galbadia Hotel nor working
  103. I think something is wrong with the God Of War Video Game Music Rip?
  104. I need some advice
  105. about the donations~
  106. Anyone know how to get in touch with the FFMusic guys?
  107. Deleating account
  108. what is Varese?
  109. no reactivation email for password
  110. How do you unlock the PM feature
  111. Accidently spelt my username wrong when I registered
  112. About YOuTube advertisments...
  113. Re: Posting PM private message
  114. Not able to edit my posts...........
  115. Non activated account
  116. PM ing for Newbies
  117. "Failed Login Notification"
  118. Idea / suggestion for new section. Ripping audio from movies / OVAs that have no OST
  119. Changing thread title
  120. Question about dead thread revival rules.
  121. Problems with .INT audio files
  122. Tapatalk iOS Support
  123. MP3 links not working
  124. What's the best soundtrack download forum on the internet? And also, I can't believe
  125. Can't upload images in post or a signature?
  126. Seperating Single Audio File
  127. Insert Image for album cover
  128. Help with a project
  129. How should I label a Japanese Drama CD?
  130. PM - could this be a sticky please??
  131. latest donation drive~
  132. My self made Werewolf Face Avater is gone
  133. Decryption Key For Mega Download
  134. Reputation System - What is it and How does it work?
  135. technical issues should be resolved
  136. how to delete an account?
  137. How to extract BIN files (not the BIN CD image)
  138. Ghost Rider (Recording Sessions)
  139. What is this music?
  140. Where to create a specific topic?
  141. Problem with username. Seeking admin assistance.
  142. USF Files vs. OST
  143. My ID is Wrong
  144. How do you "like" someone on this forum?
  145. Give more time or even better allow thread creater to change the title
  146. Who are the moderators of this foum?
  147. Over The Hedge .arc files
  148. The Holiday, Recording, Complete or Expanded- Hans Zimmer?
  149. Downtime
  150. LOSSLESS John Williams Jurassic park - Lost World
  151. Browser download problem with mega.co.nz Or oboom.com
  152. [Help] 115: Accepting "gift codes"?
  153. Relogging Glitch?
  154. Need some beginner help with [img] tags (Probably an easy question)
  155. account question
  156. Deleted Posts
  157. Why ban someone just to welcome them back then ban them again?
  158. Problems with Registering.
  159. link to upload ACCF music and listen to it?
  160. private threads
  161. Methods to share my stuff, How to share?
  162. Where to post voice rips?
  163. I don't even know where to begin
  164. Hi, just registred few hours ago
  165. How to delete my account
  166. thanks for the watch cleaning :)
  167. Is there a software that SAVES all the contents of a thread?
  168. vBulletin Message
  169. Is constant ripping okay for a CD?
  170. Where to post Galbadia Hotel site feedback ?
  171. Forum Feature Requests: Tag Search, New Titles (Icons), New Sections, etc.
  172. Goshogun.OST name track album
  173. Taptalk Plugin
  174. I don't have access to ffshrine anymore
  175. will you people FIX. YOUR. CRAPPY. DOWNLOADS?!
  176. will you people FIX. YOUR. CRAPPY. DOWNLOADS?!
  177. Request for deletion of thread
  178. "Smiley" Button Sucks
  179. thanks for the donations ~
  180. So is this gonna become a "PBS donation drive" thing or is there a plan in place?
  181. I need help! Is this downloading of game soundtracks and other stuff legal?
  183. Should I give back to the community after downloading soundtracks?
  184. search function not working?
  185. Account Deletion
  186. Please add support for social sign-in (Facebook, Google etc)
  187. How do you turn off automatic thread subscriptions?
  188. Problem with my file(s) .CUES
  189. Sub-forums for lossless files?
  190. LA FEMME DU COSMONAUTE / Alexandre Desplat
  191. How do I create a new post following another post of mine?
  192. The Drop - Marco Beltrami (Why no release?)
  193. Looking for the Goblet of Fire screenplay by Steve Kloves
  194. Post New Thread
  195. Splitting FLAC files into separate tracks - what programme?
  196. Converting FLAC to MP3 in best quality possible
  197. Question about playing FLAC on computer
  198. FLAC vs MP3?
  199. How do I contact a moderator about music that was uploaded without my permisson?
  200. Do we need a new moderator in "film music and classical downloads"?
  201. Internal Link Anonymization (Referer)
  202. I'm so stupid
  203. Numbering Multiple Files at Once
  204. where should I post my list so ppl take requests?
  205. Help ripping music from a 3DS file I downloaded?
  206. What is the name of this soundtrack?
  207. thank you for the donations <3 and an update on ffshrine's finances
  208. Let's Talk About "The New Plans" Here Instead
  209. about the lies circulating about me...
  210. Where is the Money Going, What Will be Our New Home?
  211. Playback of Older Monaural Recordings on A Modern Stereo System
  212. Images ALWAYS Exceet Quota
  213. I have no idea, honestly
  214. Account deletion
  215. Hi all
  216. SO...
  217. Where to post when the division lines are blurred?
  218. The End of an Era
  219. software to see the bitrate of FLAC files?
  220. How on Earth do I post a photo in a thread?
  221. "Command-line Encoder" Not Found in Foobar
  222. Software to convert .sd2 files to mp3 or wav
  224. Was tapoktro banned for real?
  225. can anyone here convert these at3 files to mp3
  226. Question about a music artist....
  227. Request of a new Rule: Stealing shares from members is no longer tolerated
  228. My Gamerip Was Uploaded to Another Site Without My Permission
  229. How Do I Rename a Thread?
  230. How to Losslessly Rip a CD?
  231. Does Working With OGG/WAV Reduce Bitrates?
  232. Delete Account
  233. Add Poll to Existing Thread
  234. Can someone please tell me where to put video game music soundtrack requests?
  235. Mod Request: Move Thread
  236. Ori and the Blind Forest Game Rip?
  237. Question about variable bitrate
  238. XWM File Player?
  239. A Thank-You Message...
  240. So, what dick hole tried to hack my account here? (Failed Login Attempts)
  241. Puzzle for those of you who think outside the box
  242. How/where can I get dialogue rips from a video game?
  243. Questions regarding sharing OST
  244. Database Error when Thread editing
  245. notification - group join request driving me loco!
  246. Help with downloading (Mega)
  247. Ripping FLAC from EAC vs Ripping WAV from EAC then converting to FLAC (Uncompressed)
  248. Incorrect login attempt email
  249. Rebel Raiders Operation Nighthawk Gamerip help
  250. Question about Alternative Download Sites