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  1. Blinded by Light...first listen to.
  2. How do I convert nsf files to mp3?
  3. Help Converting .minigsf Files To .mp3
  4. Sunleth Soundscape 2011 (FFXIII Trance Remix)
  5. Hylian ensemble
  6. Brink' soundtrack needs your help to get out
  7. The Lossless Video Game Soundtrack [Discussion] Thread
  8. Can anyone identify these songs?
  9. Need Help Guys! Expert Audio Editors please read.
  10. Project Julius: Scoring the Battle of 1999 CASTLEVANIA Game
  11. Metroidvania music chalenge
  12. Silent Hill Music
  13. The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Registration Key Code HELP!!!!!
  14. Judging a video game on its OST
  15. Lineage 2 OST archive?
  16. Minecraft Soundtrack
  17. Need help with .pak files (Aquanox)
  18. My VGM ustream
  19. Portal 2 soundtrack vol. 2 now available. for FREE!
  20. FFShrine Anime and Videogame Music Challenge
  21. Updated Guide for Setting Up & Ripping FLAC in EAC.
  22. Uncharted 3 Beta BGMs Gamerip [MP3 - 320 kbps]
  23. Seiken Densetsu Series Box Set
  24. A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu livestream [9 july]
  25. Competition: Videogame Trance Remix - Youtube
  26. Can anybody spare a JPopsuki 2.0 invitation for me, please?
  27. osu! Thread
  28. Ocarina of Time (N64) vs Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)
  29. Japanese Soundtracks/ tracks that have a non-japanese feel
  30. Anyone know of any Video Game Music Rippers?
  31. Raiden IV BGMs (TypeX) [WAV]
  32. Hidden game and Underrated soundtracks
  33. LittleBigPlanet 2 new music (Toy Story DLC)
  34. In your opinion, what are the best settings for SNESAmp?
  35. Anyone know this CLANNAD song?
  36. Attention musically inclined folks, help me identify this piano piece.
  37. Looping PCM Files?
  38. Mash-up Credits Music
  39. ?Converting xWMA files?
  40. Fun with the marker board in Duke Nukem Forever
  41. Could we set a minimum bitrate of 256 kbps for MP3s?
  42. Need help finding some old songs
  43. Eternal Sonata PS3-exclusive tracks?
  44. Resident Evil 2 track order - help needed!
  45. Looking for the theme Infiniti Moon From Naruto.
  46. epic amv with anime ost
  47. What is the greatest score ever made (poll)
  48. Orchestral VGM
  49. Vote for your favorite VGM tracks at HG101
  50. How to Play Online in PS2?
  51. Vote for your (up to) Top 100 video game songs on ProBoards!
  52. Video Game Trailers That Sold Songs for Me
  53. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Track 9 / The Edge Track 1
  54. Final fantasy VII : JENOVA , classical guitar cover ( duo )
  55. Tomorrow's Outlook - 34613 (2011)
  56. Non Video Game music, that sounds like this
  57. [Help!]how can play Nintendo WII game's soud files???
  58. Concerts recommendations please...
  59. Gameboy USF Files help.
  60. Convert .aa3 files to .mp3 easy! (A quick how to)
  62. Attention: The blog HANS ZIMMER - The Complete Scores is fake
  63. Maken X and Shoji Meguro -esque soundtrack recommendations?
  64. The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 2011 Concert
  65. Remastered SNES Games
  66. Persona 4 Animation Soundtrack
  67. converting .gbs and .nsf question
  68. Need your help (trailer song from Skylanders)
  69. What VGM ringtone(s) do you use?
  70. How does I upload sh*t?
  71. X-Men First Class Complete Score Henry Jackman
  72. Skyrim OST Has Four Disc's ?!?!?!?!?!?!
  73. What is this tune in the video
  74. What song is this tune from?
  75. PONYO Sheet Music for Piano
  76. Game Score Recommendations?
  77. Final Fantasy Remix Project
  78. Final Fatasy Remix Project
  79. Dealing with .AST files (Mario Galaxy, Bowser Theme, Shell Spinning)
  80. Google Music
  81. Mario Kart Wii Platinum Soundtrack? (To be released in December 2011)
  82. Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragon SHOUTS rap
  83. Happy Mask Shop Theme with Lyrics
  84. Does Nova Extractor rip PSN AT3?
  85. 5.1 surround sound game music rips? Do they exist?
  86. Looking for UMC3 Image (Illustration/Art) Rips
  87. Time for a Redo/Remake thread!
  88. Sonicesque, Vol. III is here!
  89. Does Anyone Know the Name of This Song?
  90. Best method of ripping CPS1/CPS2 music?
  91. ballad of the goddess (skyward sword) for guitar
  92. Rockbox supports vidiogame music formats.
  93. Maison Ikkoku - Track missing from the complete music box set?
  94. Ripping PS1 music files; I am lost.
  95. The Dave Show (S1E1) - The Mists of Pandaria
  96. Naruto Shippuden - Soundtrack 3 - Any news on a release date (or even existence)?
  97. I do ROCK/PUNK versions of VGM :)
  98. request arkanoid plus
  99. iTunes Downloads - Keep m4a Quality NO loss - strip DRM 1:1 lossless (stop MP3!!!)
  101. Need Help: 100 Greatest Video Game Music for Orchestra
  102. anyone have albums by EtlanZ
  103. "Causing Much Mayhem Dropping Drama" Samples that seem to be in Every Video Game
  104. Having trouble trying to rip XA files
  105. Need help working out Throne of Darkness music
  106. "Aerith's Theme" For Classic FM Hall of Fame‎
  107. 4 CD Titanic soundtrack to be released.
  108. Need Help With Arrow Flash Album
  109. HCA / ADX2 audio format
  110. X Lossless Decoder and AccurateRip Data Base (one minor but VERY annoying issue)
  111. VGM with Japanese vocals - recommend songs/albums!
  112. PS3 .XVAG music format problems
  113. Xbox 360 music rip
  114. Skyrim soundtrack came in atrocious condition
  115. Could anyone help me loop a few tracks?
  116. Similar songs to pokemon temporal tower music
  117. Why are Doujin music so good?
  118. Questions regarding Video game music
  119. John Williams is 80 today
  120. Brand new Video Game Music Podcast!!!
  121. Who will Scoring for the next Resident Evil movie?
  122. The Price Of Freedom
  124. Nintendo Stars
  125. Wrath of the Titans : Score Preview.
  126. Private Music Buying Group
  127. Dark Ramyzer Game Music Productions
  128. Expanded "Hook" Will Not Be Complete
  129. Geoff Zanelli - Website Opened!
  130. WRATH OF THE TITANS - Javier Navarrette / Web Sampler
  131. Help locating Dreamcast music (SC 5)
  132. mod to CD era
  133. Can You Help Me Find This Song From Devil May Cry?
  134. Old japanese movies osts
  135. Can anyone tell me where these two music tracks are from?
  136. Jaime Mendoza-Nava
  137. Figuring out song titles for an iOS gamerip.
  138. Japan just finished with Results for Best Video Game Music & Video Game Music Albums
  139. Need Recomendations - David Arnold Bond-type music
  140. 44.1Khz or 48Khz, Which one should i use?
  141. Fixing FLAC Files?
  142. "Fairy Tail Op~ [JAMIL] The Rock City Boy" request
  143. Film Composer Brian Tyler & Game Composer Jack Wall, rock!
  144. True Blood (Nathan Barr) seasons 3 and 4?
  145. Newest Release Coming Soon
  146. .3ds file ripping?
  147. Joel Goldsmith has died.
  148. "Brave" - (Patrick Doyle)
  149. Suggestions needed for video game music that's suitable for an alarm
  150. Awake 2012 Theme
  151. Your most listened soundtrack music
  152. Prometheus Score dated!!
  153. Soundtracks I Can't Wait For
  154. Anime Guitar Covers =)
  155. Final Fantasy I Storyline song
  156. Can anyone identify this BGM?
  157. HOW TO - Remove account info from iTunes purchased material
  158. Rip audio from blu-ray
  159. Do these anime's have OST's?
  160. I missed out! :(
  161. My Top 10 Playstation 1 Games
  162. Belmont's Theme question
  163. VGM canon revisited: a chronological approach
  164. anyone identify the BGM in this video? possibly game music
  165. Help! how to play .minigsf files (GBA Original Source Music) in foobar2000 v1.1.13
  166. Remix Requests?
  167. Can anyone recommend some good futuristic/electronic soundtracks?
  168. Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D
  169. South Park : Bigger, Longer and Uncut - Instrumental songs (YOUTUBE LINKS ONLY)
  170. I'm selling my film music CD collection - any interest? (Make me an offer).
  171. BRAINSTORM - James Horner - 1983 - The Complete Score Project
  172. Conan the Destroyer so called "complete score"
  173. How can I rip by myself music of ds, ps3,ps2,...games?
  174. Extracting .mus file
  175. record stores in tokyo
  176. Video Game Soundtracks for Sale
  177. youtube music name any 1 ?
  178. My game-design team's first mobile game, 'Burn!' -- Download
  179. Multichannel BRSTM Extract
  180. Hawk the Slayer?
  181. Help me identify this Soul Calibur song?
  182. Question for Ar Tonelico fans?
  183. Where can i upload ost's without them being taken down?
  184. Petition for Nintendo to Release Their Albums Commercially
  185. Ideas for future compilation mixes?
  186. Composers similar to Masashi Hamauzu?
  187. Soundtrack databse?
  188. Video Game Music with differents soundfonts
  189. Snoop Dogg & Spanky Danky (Snoop's Son) - Super Mario Bros
  190. Spider-Man 3 Recording Sessions [MISSING TRACKS!!!]
  191. Good Portable Music Device for FLAC files?
  192. Doing your own gamerip
  193. New Resident Evil Retribution Movie Soundtrack Track list and Released Date Revealed
  194. How to play/convert .bytes?
  195. Frustrating News for Final Fantasy Music Fans
  196. The Secret of Monkey Island - Opening Theme REMIX
  197. Review: OCRemix Maverick Rising -- I'm gonna take so much crap for this.
  198. Legp Indiana Jones 2 Save File
  199. Working Filehosting and Sharing Sites
  200. extracting songs
  201. Soundtracks that have changed your life
  202. Where can I exchange recording sessions confidentially?
  203. Looking for helps in ripping DS soundtracks
  204. Final Fantasy on Piano!
  205. Can you recommend some music with a heroic/rousing sound?
  206. Help identifying this piano piece from FF please!
  207. Resident Evil novel
  208. Looking for music similar to Joe Hisashi (Studio Ghibli)
  209. "Cloud Atlas" gets release date, CD release and...
  210. Soulseek
  211. Adele's SKYFALL...
  212. The Thin Red Line Complete Score Tracklist. Anyone have it?
  213. Need major help identifying a song!
  214. Can you recommend me some action-type tunes without heavy percussion?
  215. How do you get music out of game data?
  216. Halo 4 Soundtrack
  217. Request: Complete Cue List for Gladiator
  218. What music were you first moved by as a kid?
  219. Die Hard 2 Deluxe Release 2CD at last!
  220. Newbie question: How do these guys do it?
  221. Cd ripping
  222. Vertigo score from new blu ray
  223. What is this tune from?
  225. Wii Music Album?
  226. Minigsf files cannot play in winamp
  227. How to Remove SFX and Voiceovers from Audio?
  228. Les Miserables
  229. DragonBall Z Budokai 3 & ASF Files
  230. Wb Files?
  231. It's Official!: Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII, Scores will hit press next month
  232. how can i rip music from: yu gi oh online3
  233. What's your TOP TEN 10 Favorite Songs of Akira Yamaoka?!
  234. An Opera or Choral thread in the Television and Film Downloads Forum?
  235. Is there a full version of this music from The Dark Knight Rises trailer?
  236. Did the artist Ef
  237. HARRY POTTER 1-8 RECORDING SESSIONS petition thread!
  238. Creating VGM Looped Tracks
  239. ghosbusters 2 score, does it exist?
  240. Need a Korean Citizen to help with making a game account
  241. Our Man Flint (1966) Blu-Ray, Isolated Score Track
  242. Campaign: Geitting The Soundtrack to Collision Course Released
  243. FYC Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two)
  244. Whats the best site to upload my music to to post here as a link?.
  245. Complete Thin Red Line Sessions - mp3
  246. Very strange soundtrack
  247. 2012 Game of the Year & Soundtrack of the Year
  248. Please—somebody help!
  249. ArcheAge is coming
  250. Emulation rip vs OST