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  1. Identifying 2 songs
  2. hard to find sheet music, need help!!!!! Must complete my collection
  3. Iron man 2 The Game
  4. how do i upload an album to download?
  6. The Official Kingdom Hearts Music Rumble II
  7. eBay: FF, DQ, Suikoden II & Zelda - New/Sealed & start = 0.99c ship worldwide.
  8. Yggdra Union Tracks
  9. A great collection of film muisc blogs
  10. ++++ Your most expected soundtracks ++++
  11. Armored Core: For Answer launch trailer music
  12. Valkyria chronicles - BGM which track is this?
  13. Final Fantasy and other video game remixes by myself :)
  14. Patlabor MiniPato - A precious gem of a score.
  15. M.A.G. Sound Files?? anyone!?
  16. PLease help find a anime song
  17. final fantasy x-2 besaid island remix
  18. Death Note - Episode 13
  19. Final Fantasy Rearrangements
  20. come listen to my noob piano ep 4 : To Zanarkand
  21. looking for zoids chaotic century albums
  22. Epic: God of War III Main Theme Metal Remix
  23. My Hands
  24. I'm really enjoying the FFXIII OST!
  25. Please help identify this track
  26. Tagging: How To Do It Properly
  27. Why do you think Twilight Princess never received a CD soundtrack?
  29. Ripping sound from imbedded video
  30. safe room tracks wanted!
  31. The Gospellers
  32. .brstm to mp3! help!!! :(
  33. Identifying Song
  34. Dead to Rights: Retribution
  35. Searching for Guitar Tabs of Sound Duel 2 5ds tracks
  36. WTF is this music ?
  37. Can someone help me with the name of this song please?
  38. Uh-oh...potential plagiarism?
  39. STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK (Film Score Monthly Expanded Edition-2010)
  40. .PSF file formats
  41. Music in Alan Wake review on Gametrailers.com
  42. What's up with Megaupload?
  43. anyone know how to rip music from myspace
  44. For anybody with the Freejack (1992) OST...
  45. Megaman Zero Mythos
  46. Deus Ex E3 Trailer 2010
  47. Xenoblade Rip Help
  48. How to get rid of sfx and audio dialogue?
  49. Varese Sarabande Release Information - NOT FOR REQUESTS!!
  50. Problem ripping music from these arcade games.
  51. Help ripping music from DVD audio extractor 4.4.5!
  52. Want to write for a retro gaming blog?
  53. Video Gamerips Cover Art Thread
  54. VGMHQ: YouTube Channel w/ HQ & Relatively Overlooked Game Music
  55. Nintendo remix album:Opinions & Ideas needed!
  56. Post your VG Music Collection
  57. CD-R or mp3's from Amazon? Advice Needed!!
  58. shippuden movie 3 song not on OST
  59. Probably the best Final Fantasy OST source ever : FFDREAM.COM
  60. Donkey Kong Country 3 GBA
  61. Planned OST set im gonna upload soon.
  62. Can you get into game music from games you haven't played?
  63. The Day I Harvested A Star? Hoshi Wo Katta Hi?
  64. Does Anyone Know How to rip Music in 2sf file off of an sdat file
  65. Is it possible to rip SFX from PS3/XBOX360 games?
  66. How to contact "him"
  67. Looking for a good "kung fu" music
  68. Can anyone identify any of these unknown midis?
  69. Proper tagging for none English titles?
  70. Club Nintendo soundtracks you would like to see in America
  71. Album Art
  72. Lookin for good NES/SNES VGM
  73. A question about Mega Man Anniversary Collection
  74. Gnarcade
  75. Badass Soundtrack Album Art Thread
  76. come listen to me play noob piano ep 5 : Eternity ver 2.0
  77. pictures of your physical collection
  78. Help identify this cue from The Daily Show (sounds like John Williams)
  79. Doommaster1994's Video Game Soundtrack Collection
  80. Distant Worlds in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  81. Need help finding a Para Para song
  82. Requesting help with DS music rips
  83. Request - Looking for a few Sonic 3 Remixes...
  84. Similar Song/Track: Murder in Urbino (Trevor Morris)
  85. Problem with ripping music from a PS2 game...
  86. Need help ripping Wii game music (ISO)
  87. Final Fantasy Covers and more.
  88. opinion on fileserve?
  89. Any good DS video game music
  90. nintendo DS kanji games?
  91. Help with playing GSF Files Please!!
  92. Fantasy Scene?
  93. Let's get the Silent Hill Movie OST released!
  94. How do you tell if a song is Lossless?
  95. Looking for music suggestions
  96. Death Note Movie OST query
  97. Your most wanted VGM album..?
  98. How can i convert .xa ?
  99. Can anyone help me to get my Quake 2 music files to play?
  100. The biggest nonsense i've heard regarding mp3 vs flac.
  101. Final Fantasy VI song sampled into rap
  102. Final Fantasy Distant Worlds II Album Giving Away
  103. Help me identify some music?
  104. Tiny Vote between Ending Credits music :)
  105. Golden Sun : Dark Dawn OST in Japan ?
  106. Best sound of the 00s?
  107. Good piano sounds, dark themed music
  108. Metroid: Other M "Project Organization" **SPOILERS!!!**
  109. Symphonic Legends Orchestral Nintendo Concert LIVE STREAM | September 23 | OT
  110. Help identifying a track from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  111. Searching for the OST of Super Robot Wars XO
  112. Music similarities
  113. sega super stars tennis rip help
  114. .sfd file
  115. Stream ripping?
  116. The Best Track in the Game #1: Mega Man X
  117. Best Boss Music #1: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie
  118. The Best Track in the Game #2: Starfox
  119. Best Boss Music #2: Bust-A-Groove
  120. Musical memories
  121. The Pac Guy/ Pea Guy Series Music Identification Challenge
  122. vgm petition
  123. Sorting out your music
  124. ID3 Tag Question..
  125. Playing .WAS Files
  126. Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Rip
  127. Song ID request?
  128. hey guys help me! I want some tracks
  129. New JAM Project Single: Maxon (Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspectors OP) Thoughts
  130. What is the Name of this Song...
  131. Hi looking for a song
  132. Kingdom Hearts Music Request.
  133. where to get these hard to find soundtracks?
  134. Pokemon Black/White 4 CD OST
  135. Recommend me some epic game or anime music.
  136. Composers Challenge?
  137. Spider-Man: the Video Game
  138. Hitoshi Sakimoto year 2011 Birthday Project
  139. Violin Suggestions
  140. Flipnic (AKA Flipnic: Ultimate Pinball) OST??
  141. Metal & Rock VGM list
  142. whats that song ???
  143. Assassin's Creed song question (spoilers?)
  144. Help build the Video Game Music Wikia page
  145. Bachelor's thesis on video game music (production)
  146. I need help finding this one VGM track!
  147. What got you started?
  148. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Original Game Soundtrack) - OFFICIAL TRACK LISTINGS
  149. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Motoi Sakuraba Soundtrack
  150. Anyone know how to rip One Piece Mansion?
  151. I really wanna know what game this music is from! Can anyone help?
  152. Please Some Help
  153. Galbadia Hotel Albums Sorted by Genre
  154. The Amazing Final Fantasy Race
  155. What is the name of this track?
  156. Informer - lossy music detector
  157. Best Mario Starman Theme
  158. Help with Gundam Seed Destiny (English) Tracklists
  159. Why did Insomniac Games invite Stewart Copeland to do music 4 Spyro?
  160. What is it?
  161. Sangokushi/Romance of the Three Kingdoms mystery song
  162. FF7 music remakes
  163. *Request - Super Robot Wars Original Generation - Divine Wars OST
  164. EPIC Anime Soundtracks?
  165. Trying to figure out this music
  166. Want the lyrics to this song...
  167. Lego Games Upcoming!!!! A MUST SEE!!!! :D
  168. Ever mixed reneditions with the original versions?
  169. Need to find this music from videogame...
  170. Spontaneous Christmas Carol Singing with the Roll-up Soft Keyboard
  171. Marvel VS Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Character Themes [DOWNLOAD!]
  172. does anyone know this song?
  173. Nobuo Uematsu - Sakura Note Soundtrack
  174. Can anyone recommend any arpeggio included songs?
  175. Identifying song
  176. Myth: Xenogears Orchestrated Album, comming up: 2/23/2011!!!
  177. HELP!
  178. SRW Song Details??
  179. Need Help Identifying Similar Grandiose/Dramatic Orchestral Music for a Playlist
  180. Please help if you know FF, Metroid, or other SNES music
  181. ♫ Greatest Video Game Music Performances on YouTube ♫
  182. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (N64)
  183. Looking for some ideas/opinions
  184. Looking for J-Pop..
  185. Technosoft Game Music Collection vol. 1-15 available at official site/online store
  186. Starfleet Command Music?
  187. Is this where I can request stuff? (SSX On Tour)
  188. shooting battle 3rd attack???
  189. Does anyone know which orchestrated soundtrack this is?
  190. Help to tagging Sega Worldwide Soccer 98 Saturn
  191. Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert In Chicago...
  192. Battle Theme War - Uematsu vs Hamauzu vs Falcom vs Meguro vs Sakuraba
  193. New Yasunori Mitsuda album in the works?
  194. n00buo's n00b and
  195. Whats Your Favorite Upload Service? Whats your Least?
  196. 5 times Grammy winning song of 2011 ripped from Frank Klepacki's track
  197. Why Password Protect Archives?
  198. "Sonicesque Vol. I" -- An album of new, original Sega Genesis-style Sonic songs
  199. Need help to find out which game this sound clip is from
  200. anyone know the game called 'Dead Head Fred' on psp?
  201. Can anyone find out the name of this track?
  202. Anyone Dissapointed by Distant Worlds Return to Home?
  203. Dragon Quest ?
  204. .arc file format
  205. Japanese shouts in culture and game music
  206. Bad Games With Surprisingly Good Music
  207. XENOGEARS - "The Beginning and the End" Lyrics - Bulgarian Translation -ASSISTANCE-
  208. Sonicesque Vol. II is here!!
  209. Video Games Live 2011
  210. Elliot Goldenthal's score for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - opinions?
  211. Final Fantasy Tactics Remastered, A Project in the Works
  212. Support a New Game Composer
  213. Super Empire Strikes Back - Which tracks are they?
  214. Problems with sound COD BLACK OPS
  215. [POLL] the Franchise & albums you'd like to see with special threads
  216. For sale: Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert tickets, 4/1 in NYC
  217. Try this game! League of Legends
  218. Musapey's Choco Marker
  219. Music that fits into ES:V SKYRIM. Post your suggestions here!
  220. Death Note Rock Music
  221. Which fotma do you prefer?
  222. where can I learn to do gamerips
  223. Trying to look for VG Music Sheets online, bought or transcribed by others
  224. How important is a degree in the video game industry?
  225. Game composers unite for Japan‎
  226. Kanon for Suteki Da Ne (Final Fantasy X)
  227. Question about .flac files...
  228. Who arranged the Final Fantasy VI: Piano Collections album?
  229. The Tragic Prince!!!
  230. Need help naming Ratchet 1, Saturn SotN and PSP Drac X (FLAC)
  231. Underrated Music that You Think Everyone Should Hear
  232. ANYONE HAVE A NICOVIDEO PREMIUM? I'm in need of assistance.
  233. Ripping from a copy-protected PS2 Game?
  234. Dead Space audio file conversion HELP
  235. LittleBigPlanet 2 music video
  236. VGMusic of the Day - A Youtube channel for your listening pleasure
  237. Did Uematsu steal from the Jews??
  238. The picture of Uematsu sitting under photos of other composers like bach and others
  239. Gamerips allowed?
  240. Has anyone ripped the music to Galaxy Express 999 for the Playstation 1?
  241. Any music like this? Of a forest-like, ambient-ish nature?
  243. Sonic The Fighters WITH LYRICS!
  244. Dunkelstrom calling... Adam Qadamon
  245. leave it to shuki
  246. What was the last Game Score you listened to?
  247. Fan-orchestrated version of "Lake Hylia" from Twilight Princess.
  248. Musical Performances Anyone?
  249. Question on the Drakengard OST
  250. are there any good softwares to rip the gsf of a gba rom?