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  1. nobuo uematsu is teh bestest composer evar
  2. Wii Music Ripping Guide + Tools
  3. Game Music Question
  4. 'Emotional vocals' in soundtracks (but not lyrics!)
  5. Live Video Stream for "Symphonic Fantasies - music from SQUARE ENIX"
  6. Vocal (songs) from Games
  7. how do i extract or get audio from a ps2 game
  8. Looking for video game music recommendations?
  9. Who is your favorite Composer/Soundtrack/Score
  10. Searching for orchestrated music!
  11. What's an image album?
  12. Any good Jazz or Piano music?
  13. Final Fantasy 6 Decisive (boss) battle on euphonium
  14. Winamp refusing to play ANY VGM format
  15. Need a codec
  16. How to converter JVC, Canon, Panasonic camcorder Mod video to FLV, MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP
  17. Favorite VGM Remixes
  18. How many versions are there of this Castlevania composition?
  19. Album, Icons and Titles Please!
  20. Question
  21. Metal/Rock soundtrack recommendations?
  22. To Zanarkand (FFX) - Piano Solo
  23. This Is It
  24. The A-Z of VGM
  25. Music - Large Magnitude Battle
  26. Question for Flac users
  27. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Commercial Song
  28. Another question on looseless audio
  29. Why Was "Lossless Movie Soundtracks/Scores" Thread Closed?
  30. can i create a cue file out of some files?
  31. Drums & Orchestra perfect combination..Epic
  32. Best Anime Songs for Halloween
  33. VGM for those cold, wintry days
  34. what features would you like to see on gh?
  35. Game Score Rips and Lossless is an oxy-moron?
  36. Music And Gaming Festival, Jan 1-4, 2010
  37. Help on ripping audio from a PSP game (Megaman: Maverick Hunter X).
  38. vgm radio (no installs or other crap)
  39. Tomb Radier Underworld - The best songs?
  40. jeffvandyck.com updated
  41. Army of Two: The 40th Day
  42. Anybody knows programs that play DSF files?
  43. Ban Hydrogen's First Reader Write-In
  44. Why wasn't To Zanarkand on the CD
  45. Recommend me music from games with Japanese levels/settings?
  46. Looking for Eternal Eyes PSX RIP
  47. ff sucks
  48. Can anyone figure what J-Rock song this is?
  49. The official VGM flag
  50. Anime Sound Track with Gregorian Chanting?
  51. Please Sign The Petition for Tranformers Revenge of the Fallen Expanded Score
  52. shippuden 131 20:00?
  53. Shuffle! Anime BGM [Request] || HELP NEEDED To find this BGM
  54. Carnival / Circus Music
  55. True Colors: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog, Part 2
  56. Soundtracks of games you haven't played
  57. Favorite Songs with Non-Standard Time Sig.
  58. Rar File Converter
  59. Need Some Help with the Origin of a Sound Effect
  60. Rapidshare, utter crap?
  61. How can i Rip music from X360 dvds..?
  62. Best Anime Composers
  63. Harald's Theme from .hack//INFECTION
  64. Question about torrent links
  65. Help staring a new VGM thread.
  66. Help with a Final Fantasy IX custom soundtrack
  67. DSiware ost requests. what do you want?
  68. English Songs to Japanese Songs or Japanese Songs to English Songs Search Thread
  69. Who did the music in X05 trailers?
  70. Ost recomanedations?
  71. Burning Help
  73. Help me guess this track!
  74. Another version of ffx ''To the End of the Abyss''
  75. need help identifying a song
  76. exact audio copy help
  77. What soundtracks do you have the most of? [POLL]
  78. Which song is the saddest? [POLL]
  79. Which game has the scariest music? [POLL]
  80. How do you get your Game Music? [POLL]
  81. What type of Game Music do you prefer? [POLL]
  82. Your favourite Game Music is? [POLL]
  83. Your favourite song from Kingdom Hearts? [POLL]
  84. Your favourite song from the Metal Gear Saga? [POLL]
  85. Your favourite Final Fantasy soundtrack? [POLL]
  86. Which attack theme is better? [POLL]
  87. Is Lossless Worth the Time and Space it takes up?
  88. Top Soundtracks of 2009
  89. What's a good program for converting SNES music files to MP3?
  90. FLAC Software
  91. New VGM CD Releases
  92. Avoid Bootleg CD's! - List of legit sellers of Anime & VGM CD's
  93. The Legend of Zelda - The Underscores
  94. Which game is this music from?
  95. Game that makes your heart beat faster with adrenaline (for running)
  96. Legalities
  97. Sheet music links on the main site
  98. Songs from Famous Artists into Battle Themes
  99. Desperately in search of an FVII arrangement
  100. Vote for the best Original Score
  101. My first piano-video (FF8 The Castle)
  102. What FF7 ST is this version of "Mako Reactor" from?
  103. Recommend me some jazz
  104. Such a beautiful song
  105. First post
  106. Overrated/Underrated Black Mages Songs
  107. Working with Vag Mono...
  108. Ripping Uncompressed Music From PS3 Games?
  109. Who sung this Yoko Kanno song?
  110. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (Theme)
  111. Looking for some VGM recommendations ...
  112. Need help identifying two musics
  113. Wedding Song, Help..
  114. Rar converting software
  115. Pulling audio off 5.1 DVDs
  116. My Altered Media
  117. Can't upload anymore... help?
  118. Kirby song names
  119. A question
  120. Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour Soundtrack
  121. Warner Music Group question
  122. Dark Messenger Remix from FF9- worked my butt off on this!
  123. Where can I find this version of One Winged Angel???
  124. New video game music tracker
  125. Request on Sound Development, Game Game Music
  126. Nonstandard NDS sound format ripping
  127. MP3 Editing Application
  128. Reccomendations?
  129. NES Remixes: Live Video!
  130. Taking requests for Final Fantasy song Mixes, Covers, and Arrangements!
  131. American Composers
  132. Recommend me Sega Genesis music!
  133. help
  134. need help identifying name of an insert song from RD sennou chousashitsu
  135. To Zanarkand (With Lyrics)
  136. Released: Street Fighter 2010: Final Fight Arranged Album
  137. Dungeon Fighter Online OST
  138. Classical Music Identification?
  139. This soundtrack is similar to..
  141. Blazblue: Reversed Crisis Soundtrack
  142. Final Fantasy VI Ochestral Rock Medley by Me!
  143. I downloaded a .RAR and i don't know what it is T_T
  144. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Mysterious Girl songs
  145. Converting and splitting an NFC file... help!
  146. Worst Sonic Music of all time?
  147. User-created FF arrangements?
  148. A beautiful find
  149. FF7 & FF8 Boss Battle Sheet Music
  150. High quality anime album art site?
  151. Soldier Of Fortune II (PC Game Music Rip)
  152. I want some Recomendations
  153. Flesh soundtrack (horror / gothic)
  154. Did my thread get deleted?
  155. Mass Effect 2 - How do I convert .AFC to .WAV?
  156. I'm back, and taking more Final Fantasy remix requests!
  157. How to split a FLAC
  158. Need help to identify a song
  159. Help identifying a song please!
  160. The Moment the Univers was Created for...
  162. What is the name of OST's?
  163. Creating...chiptunes?
  164. Star Control 2 Music
  165. Anyone have the ost/soundtrack for Mighty Max
  166. I want to ask you guys is it possible to rip midi from an emulator ?
  167. Turning point music in anime.
  168. FF7 AC new AMV!
  169. Recommend me some celtic game/anime music
  170. B'T X / B'T X Neo Original Soundtrack
  171. song name request
  172. Final Fantasy - Slay The Dragon
  173. Uncharted 2 Soundtrack being released by Sumthing Else on CD February 9, 2010
  174. Mysterious Metal Gear Music
  175. Help!
  176. Help with Drakengard 2 ADPCM files
  177. Final Fantasy In Concert!
  178. Fushigi Boshi No Futago Hime Animation Soundtrack
  179. Perfect Dark Synth Stabs, Hits (how to?)
  180. OCReMix wants to do Sonic 4's music ! Spread the word !
  181. Can someone help me indentify this song?
  182. Fighting game osts with se/voice tracks
  183. Converting audio in Xbox 360 video (WMV) files?
  184. Gametune Projects FAQs
  185. Help me place this song?
  186. Rainbow Road Re-Arrangement
  187. Got my website launched, full of Final Fantasy Remixes for you :)
  188. Sax/Vocals Nice relaxing songs
  189. Original Video Game Music by Ray Mabry [Street Fighter/Virtua Fighter]
  190. Question about the Melee Soundtrack
  191. What is the music in this video?
  192. Need help finding gundam seed song
  193. Aerith's Theme
  194. Check out my new themes I wrote for Cody and Juni/Juli !!!
  195. Similar songs thread
  196. Video Game Sheet Music
  197. Joytunes, Videogame Music Audiosite
  198. Gamcube Music Ripping
  199. Final Fantasy song
  200. FF13 Yaschas Massif and similar music you can recommend?
  201. Bleach OST 4 Last Thoughts
  202. Check Out My Stage Themes Their Now Downloadable!!!
  203. Corrections to Some Golden Axe Sega Ages Songs
  204. Video Game music (maybe anime too) for the radio
  205. Question about SSFIIT HD Remix
  206. Wii Music Question
  207. Best FF Music
  208. Extracting XA files from PSX games...
  209. Idea for a OST download thread
  210. Calling all Bayonetta fans.
  211. Otobeya, the Japanese 8-bit remixer
  212. Help ME PLEASE!!!
  213. Anime Ost Request:Tokusou Kihei Dorvack Ost and Futari Daka Ost
  214. Interview with Winfried Fechner
  215. Anime A cappella "Anicapella" CDs Anyone?
  216. Heroes of Might and Magic 2 : The Price of Loyalty
  217. translate this japanese text please
  218. Identification of Full Metal Alchemist song
  219. drummania instrumental collection
  220. Pajama Sam 2 Soundtrack [MegaUpload]
  221. Anicapella (anime a capella) Vol. 2 and 4. Anyone interested?
  222. music identification please
  223. Streaming music?
  224. Mario Golf Toadstool Tour - Bowser Badlands
  225. J-Rock similar to..
  226. Anime music vid with the anime's ost
  227. Naruto Shippuden OST 3?
  228. Dr. Zilog Discography - 8-bit Metal
  229. Looking for Square-Enix sheet music books/scans
  230. Sonic Adventure 2
  231. Flower soundtrack up for download on PSN this week!!
  232. Synth music - does this remind you of sth?
  233. DDRHP3
  234. Help!
  235. Help me identify this hymn
  236. Taking requests for new VGMs!
  237. Starship Titanic in-flight mag request
  238. ScrewAttack's Top 10 8-Bit Boss Themes
  239. Upload Music To Console Alliance (i.e Download Links)
  240. Darker Than Black - Need a song
  241. Ys Seven OST
  242. Site that keeps track of new releases?
  243. Sheet music from games
  244. missing tracks from legaia 2 duel saga?
  245. A question about Street Fighter EX3 music?
  246. Sega Music Ripping/Editing?
  247. Favorite Arranger(s)/Remixer(s).
  248. Help identifying song
  249. Final Fantasy Concert in Melbourne, Australia!!!
  250. Help me identify this please!