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  1. NFS Undercover Paul Haslinger.
  2. OST Streaming
  3. Game Rips
  4. Recommendations for a Cave Story music fan?
  5. Longest game soundtrack ever? What is it?
  6. Guess the VGtune
  7. for all the fans of KK Slider I found this
  8. Difference between different audio qualities
  9. Need For Speed Undercover Original Game Score - Paul Haslinger
  10. Ace combat respect (arrange album)
  11. Manga-Based Versus Fighting Games With Soundtracks
  12. Total Overdose licensed tracks: rip it yourself
  13. VG music >> General music
  14. VGMTrans HELP!
  15. Miku Hatsune... sings the Aria di Mezzo Carattare! XD
  16. xmas related game music?
  17. Keeping It Legal
  18. WWE The Music 9 - here's what to expect!
  19. winamp & foobar music ripping help
  20. Question about a track in Wild Arms 3
  21. a little help for a first timer
  22. new sonic music composers
  23. An article I've written on video game music
  24. Texture Swapping
  25. Detective Jinguji Saburou Kind of Blue OST Genre
  26. Help with silent hill sounds
  27. Can someone recommend me some good soundtracks ?
  28. My youtube video
  29. Original Soundtracks and Other Music
  30. What VGM sites/blogs do you visit?
  31. Synesthesia and Video Game Music
  32. cheap shoes paradise
  33. Translate Kanji from Anime track listings
  34. Little Big Song
  35. Digitally remastered classic VGM
  36. Interview with Sega's Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
  37. Gameboy Color and NES music
  38. remix fiends
  39. With all the sites that are going down I am going to cry...
  40. Sword of Vermilion
  41. Ripping music from PSOne games
  42. I am now a Pokemon Fan
  43. Can anyone recognize this (Australian TV?) music?
  44. Carl Orff in "SWAT 3"...?
  45. Any other good places for anime CD covers?
  46. Matching VGM with your environment
  47. Voting for the Best Soundtrack 2008
  48. Thread of Parappa the Rapper, Um Jammer Lammy, and Masaya Matsuura music
  49. Cheap Jordans,Free Shipping!!!
  50. To the stage that Persona 3 is new.
  51. Resident Evil 2 and The Neverending Story have something in common?
  52. How to rip from XBox 360 games?
  53. Wolfgang Krauser themes - Mini-project help!
  54. Fave Fictional Bands
  55. Need Help to write Japanese Characters
  56. Question about the quality of MP3 encoders..?
  57. clue and risk on sega
  58. Cowboy Bebop and Tom Waits have something in common?
  59. Anyone know the artists who sings the music for Baan Gaan?
  60. Remove sound effects from a music?
  61. VGM soundtracks on vinyl?
  62. Request for NiGHTS Journey of Dreams
  63. I wrote a song about Yuna FFX.
  64. Where to buy FF sheet music books?
  65. Oddworld: Strangers Wrath Project
  66. New Trunks Music (DBZ)
  67. Wall Street virtual stock trade game
  68. Interview of H.A.W.X. composer Tom Salta
  69. Anyone else noticing the newest Exit Trance albums aren't non-stop?
  70. VGM concerts this summer in Japan?
  71. Jungle-ish Soundtracks
  72. DISADVANTAGES of forum
  73. vgm forum changes?
  74. The Next Door (Hip-Hop Remix) for all you Street Fighter IV fans!
  75. Recommendations for Ambient Video Game Music
  76. Voices of the Lifestream
  77. Critical Velocity anyone?
  78. Musics with acoustic guitar?
  79. Best software to proper organizing my mp3's?
  80. SEGA game help
  81. The Dreaded SS2 Files
  82. Final Fantasy VIII AMV Original Composition (kinda nobuish)
  83. Download all songs at once
  84. Playing two tracks at once on mp3 players
  85. Roll's Theme Lyrics?
  86. Spamming the "reply" button
  87. Need help compiling a list of Goldsmith releases.
  88. Anyone have info on "Ryouhei Yamanashi"?
  89. Ripping Xbox 360 XMA Audio?
  90. need help with ripping a music from youtube
  91. The best videogame music this gen?
  92. what usually happened to underrated VG composers?
  93. when u like a certain VGM, do u buy the OST/album?
  94. Sinfonia Drammatica in Sweden
  95. FF7: Tatakau Monotachi/Those who fight Piano+Orchestra Version video
  96. Dreamcast AUDIO Ripper?
  97. Sailor Moon question
  98. Unit`s responses
  99. Distant Worlds Concert In San Francisco, July 18th 2009
  100. I need a track name.
  101. Bye Chudah.
  102. Anime/VGM Drum Covers
  103. Opinion: What's Wrong With Game Music?
  104. Can anyone identify these two tracks?
  105. Need help with awesome name for Nintendocore band
  106. Gradius V
  107. Ace Combat Franchise
  108. (DVDRick)
  109. Tranquil Music (Cross-Post)
  111. Top Level Themes
  112. Death Note Music Question
  113. Here is a rearrangement of Sudeki da Ne (FFX)
  114. Would love all users opinion on a cover art I just made.
  115. Anyone identify this street fighter soundtrack?
  116. How to rip music from X-box game?
  117. favorite sonic music
  118. Best Aquatic Level Themes
  119. looking for scary carnival music
  120. Requesting gameboy music rip tutorials
  121. Top Snow Level themes
  122. Can anyone identify this track?
  123. Best Forest Level Themes
  124. What is the theme played in Dragonball Z???
  125. Video Game Piano Solos
  126. How to write artist names.
  127. Best Desert Level Themes
  128. Best Field/Overworld Level Themes
  129. Best Fire/Lava Level Themes
  130. Best Underworld/Underground Level Themes
  131. video game bgm
  132. Best Shadow/Dark World Level Themes
  133. The Exit Trance Series
  134. Yoko Kanno Vs. Taku Iwasaki
  135. An attempt at a game.
  136. Sounds Like FFX-2?
  137. Best Jungle Level Themes
  138. POLL: would you enjoy 8-bit NES music in the car?
  139. honoo no toukyuuji DODGE DANPEI
  140. Does It Really Cost $15.99 to Make a Music CD?
  141. Best Title Screen Themes
  142. The Konami Code
  143. Pure absolute bliss.
  144. How to rip music from DS game?
  145. The Official Video Game Music Rumble
  146. VGM and Film Music web pages
  147. Question about converting music files?
  148. Could someone give me a direct procedure for ripping JPN PS2 audio from games?
  149. Best Game Over Themes
  150. Question - recording with DVD's.
  151. Upcoming Movies/Film Scores
  152. Best Space Level Themes
  153. Uematsu's 10 Stories
  154. Unknown game song
  155. Video Game Music Trivia
  156. I request help to identify these tracks
  157. Epic Music Collection
  158. Best Mountain Level Themes
  159. *Help* Ripping Audio from Wii iso
  160. Recomend me some rock soundtrack, please
  161. Help me out: What's this music from?
  162. My recomended VGM list
  163. Uploading OSTs to Youtube?
  164. FFX2 Eternity
  165. Masashi Hamauzu Tribute (Final Fantasy XIII composer)
  166. Best Video Game Music to Fall Asleep To
  167. Golgo 13 (2008) OST out yet?
  168. Help needed from PC audiophiles - USB toslink inputs?
  169. Trying to buy from one of these sites...
  170. VAMPS!!!
  171. N+
  173. Guilty Gear soundtracks question
  174. Any sites that have huge videogame ost-sets as torrents?
  175. Anime/j-pop/j-rock music that gives u that energetic "lets go for it" feeling!
  176. Wonder Boy In Monster World (Official Sheet Music)
  177. Mother 1 SoundTrack Question
  178. Alternative for Rapidshare or megaupload
  179. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue name that tune!
  180. English translated tracklist for SRW OGG?
  181. VGM / Anime Music [Lossless]
  182. Rumour: Crush 40's second album to be released in Fall 2009?
  183. Can anyone identify this music? Or is it new?
  184. Nintendo Soundtrack Series
  185. Any musix that has that synthesizer tunes + rock(vocal or w/o vocal)
  186. Best Toilet-Aiding Themes
  187. Best Vomitus-Causing Themes
  188. Best Climax-Underlining Themes
  189. StarFox Adventures... discussion of my project.
  190. Best 'Romantic' Music
  191. Shoji Meguro tribute (shin megami tensei series & persona series)
  192. My Music for the Kongregate/Scion's Sound Contest
  193. Saint Seya - Eternal Edition
  194. Why are uploaders so apprehensive against using Torrents?
  195. Composer(s) for Fighting Game wanted!
  196. Atelier Rorona
  197. FF8 Trailer Music - Help Indentify Please!
  198. Too Human - Everlasting hate music glitch
  199. You guy are gonna love this!! A TOS2 remix inside...
  200. Too Epic: Is Less More?
  201. Best Battle Themes
  202. Yoko Kanno Discussion
  203. Video Game Music Image Scans
  204. Requesting some help.
  205. I lost all my music.
  206. How To Convert "Single" FLAC/APE Albums to Individual Songs
  207. Having some trouble with recording
  208. Scariest game or music ever
  209. Is no one going to upload the Rocket: Robot on Wheels soundtrack?
  210. Saria's Song as a RAGTIME Jazz Piano piece!
  211. Guild Wars .... (Not Music)
  212. Rumble Roses XX OST Artist Info
  213. Need help knowing the name of these OST
  214. Ebay Links to Anime & Game Soundtrack
  215. The songs you want to hear remixed
  216. SimcCity 4 OST artist help
  217. Is this worth buying? Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack (DS Version) [3CD+DVD]
  218. Ripping video from a PSP game
  219. Understand Proper Sample Rates (Important!)
  220. Need help with some translations
  221. Music Like Lux-Pain's Website
  222. Best Pirate VGM themes?
  223. Youtube Video Music Help
  224. Final Fantasy 6 - Devil's Lab "cover"
  225. DJ Hero
  226. Song?
  227. Harry Potter and the half-blood prince game music - question
  228. Tributes videos to various VGM composers(Masashi Hamauzu,Yasunori Mitsuda and Others)
  229. Why finding EA Sports albums so hard???
  230. Rapidshare is really slow...
  231. SoundtrackFM.ru - internet radio
  232. Shin Bokura no Taiyou (Shinbok)
  233. Gears of War 2 review track identification
  234. Question About Filefactory..
  235. anyone here use megashares?
  236. Does Anyone Recognize This Song?
  237. Ambient Oriental music
  238. FF7 Battle Theme - Rock version
  239. Hans Zimmer writing music for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  240. Looking for song titles
  241. What program do I use to...
  242. Looking for Music Similar to Dreamfall - The Longest Journey
  243. Video Game Similarities
  244. Kinetica Soundtrack
  245. Most Touching Game Music
  246. Selling two rare game soundtracks
  247. VGM Thieves
  248. In need of having something ripped?
  249. Death Note OST Clicking Noise?
  250. REQUEST : SUPERMAN II - 2CD`S Soundtrack