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  1. Classical Asian songs
  2. Super mario bros z episode 1 remake on youtube now
  3. Your Choice of Themes
  4. Legal stuff {please read}
  5. mario sonic and friends
  6. Megaten music recommendations?
  7. Do you prefer English or Japanese for VG songs?
  8. odd little question...
  9. Hello from a composer....
  10. Does anyone have XAEX and XA2WAV?
  11. Does anyone know of anything new thats sounds like
  12. What are you hooked with, right now?
  13. Western Music Question
  14. Any programs that can cut music?
  15. Ever bought (or rebought) a game JUST for the soundtrack?
  16. demon's crest soundtrack discussion
  17. Street Fighter IV Concept Music: Created by Me (Skull Kidd), DJ MAX-E & DJ Kariu
  18. Recomend me some Evil Music?
  19. Song Identification, Please?
  20. Seems like people love voice tracks. What do you use them for?
  21. Help Meh! :) music suggestions?
  22. Is there a complete soundtrack of Bioshock?
  23. final turnabout
  24. Creating Ringtones - How To
  25. And now for something completely different...
  26. Darth Vegeta's Theme! ^^
  27. Help with GSF files
  28. Best Symphonic/Orchestral VGM Hands Down!
  29. Rock music from Anime and VG to recommend me?
  30. Thesis: Why is VGM Important?
  31. Soundtrack “Toxic dash” in Crash Bash
  32. What does "Koushu Kairiudo" mean?
  33. Want Bomberman Jetters Game Music?
  34. Translation Request: Super Mario Bros. Special [Catalog #MECG-28003]
  35. Which of these 7 Final Fantasy XII songs is best?
  36. VGM canon
  37. List of All-Time Greatest Game Music
  38. Blue Sky by Dogschool
  39. Most underrated VGM?
  40. Best Orange Box OST track
  41. Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden music.
  42. anyone knows latest password for rpgmm's files
  43. Need Dungeons and Dragons: Tactics OST
  44. Please recommend some beautiful music
  45. Game music rocks... any easy way to rip it?
  46. Ranked, Owned, and Recommended
  47. I posted Beast Wars 1997 - PSX - SendSpace
  48. silent hill song mystery & bonus track for you!
  50. Nico Nico Douga
  51. Ukulele Anime Soundtrack.
  52. recommend me sone good orchestra music
  53. When things were requested in the Request forum......
  54. Castlevania: SOTN Medley
  55. Ripping music from games
  56. One-Winged Angel Remix
  57. wholesale nike jordan/shox series shoes,clothes,bags,etc.free shipping.
  58. Trying a different approach: Still need help translating.
  59. Whats the name of this song?
  60. How do I rip NES music
  61. Electro Man Soundtrack
  62. Playing games with different Music~~
  63. Nightmare Creatures 2
  64. Matrix Path of neo music Extractor.
  65. Ripping for dummies
  66. Judge Dredd - Sega Genesis & Super Nintendo Soundtracks
  67. Sweeney Todd OST
  68. Storybook-y? Medevil-y?
  69. Video Game Music for Classical Guitar
  70. O2~O・Two~ Code Geass R2?
  71. Looking for an actual OST - Battle Bakraid (read first)
  72. Persona 4 Opening Song
  73. Music like Death Note OST
  74. Anyone having problems with in_cube.dll??
  75. Best source for PS1 and PS2 music files?
  76. Can Someone Help Me... Please?
  77. Difference Between Eastern and Western Gaming
  78. Thank God I found you guys again!!
  79. Gran Turismo composer...
  80. Movie soundtracks?
  81. I Have a Rare Album I Would Like to Share
  82. Red Steel Complete Gamerip Progress
  83. Ripping Xbox Music
  84. Flac encoding made easy (with Winamp)
  85. How to Rip PSX & PS2 audio
  86. help on ripping audio from game
  87. Gyakuten Saiban ~Remix Revival~
  88. Tiger theme from Tekken 3?
  89. Ripping Youtube Audio?
  90. Game Album Art assortment
  91. Dancing Mad for organ/orchestra (my own rework)
  92. Recommendation of VGM
  93. Mission Impossible & BUBSY 3D (PSX) rips
  94. Writing A Paper On Video Game Music - Volunteers Needed
  95. Pery Rhodan the Adventure
  96. Dragonball Z Busrt Limit
  97. If i were to post a remix...
  98. Music from latest Soulcalibur 4 Trailer
  99. Need some assistance........
  100. A question for Star Trek viewers...
  101. Help! Ipod major problems!
  102. PSP Audio to .WAV ripper?
  103. Most underrated game soundtrack?
  104. Ripping in-game sounds
  105. Need help finishing a rip!
  106. Pokemon all anime and movie osts for sale
  107. Who is the composer of Godzilla for NES?
  108. Where is the music from?
  109. Help converting MIDI?
  110. Can this be turned into an mp3 file please!??
  111. Question regarding safety of Downloaded Music
  112. A new sharing method - Wuala
  113. ripping adpcm audio problem
  114. Best of GTA 4 - need your opinions
  115. Galbadia Hotel's popularity
  116. Metal Gear Solid 4 dump
  117. Help identifying a song..
  118. Clay Fighter 2 recording. Need some help.
  119. Help Identify Song from FFXI
  120. Which soundtracks do you legitimately own?
  121. Hello, look for a Japanese cartoon ost, the music special edition!
  122. Guitar Hero On Tour Soundtrack List
  123. Looking for stereotypical Russian music...
  124. Help identifying a few songs
  126. Cowboy Bebop Song ID?
  127. mario super sluggers ost
  128. Sim Copter OST - Coming this weekend.
  129. Men In Black Animated Series Theme Song
  130. Would ripped game music
  131. What's your favorite victory theme?
  132. What are your most interesting recent finds?
  133. Looking for VG soundtack - Cy Girls for the PS2
  134. Can anyone identify this song?
  135. Anime/games with great guitar pieces.
  136. Help Finding a MGS Song, please?
  137. Boogiepop Anime Opening and Closing themes
  138. Favorite "overlooked" FF song?
  139. Video game piano sheet music
  140. Seeking MadKalnod for TRADES!
  141. Is this a Virtua Fighter song?
  142. Help!
  143. Some interesting music sites!
  144. Stuntman ignition Line in rip
  145. Bluelaguna links broken?
  146. Ridge racer 7 Music
  148. Soul Calibur 4 Apprentice Unleashed trailer...music?
  149. mixing
  150. What Silent Hill songs do you listen to the most?
  151. Want to know how to rip Arcade music?
  152. Absolutely Crazy Tracks/Remixes?
  153. MGS4... that one song
  154. Can anyone ID this "Stage of Ryu" song?
  155. nominate mods for the vgm section ~
  156. Question about PS3 ISO's?
  157. Post your current VG/Movie Soundtrack collection
  158. Orchestral Music with Bass / Dance Beat
  159. A YouTube Channel for VGM Fans
  160. Bruce Broughton - Harry And the Hendersons_MP3@320kps
  161. Convert protected wma files..?
  162. what the *.at3 or not?
  163. "ShanemanReaper" Radio BetaTest Critique
  164. Just thinking a random thought (re: Cave music)
  165. The Galbadia Hotel Video Game Music HALL OF FAME!
  166. NFS Undercover
  167. Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Confusion
  168. Music I found that would fit "GREAT" with for a Final Fantasy game.
  169. Final Fantasy Nostalgia - Sample Tracks
  170. What soundtrack are you listening to lately.
  171. Another Nice Site
  172. LaTale -_-
  173. CastleVania: Symphony of the Night? (a song not working)
  174. How many songs do you have on your mp3 player/iPod?
  175. Ripping midi file from SNES
  176. I'm making a Video Game Music remix album
  177. Techno-style VGM OST recommendations?
  178. New CD from DBZ guitarist and arranger Scott Morgan
  179. Smash TV... How do I go about getting music from it?
  180. What song is this?
  181. ITT: we post/name our favorite 8-bit music
  182. Game Music Freak's Blog
  183. Coming Soon - Custom Score Compendium
  184. Far Cry vengeance Wii Composer?
  185. Saki Kaskas MP3 Collection
  186. Question About Uploading Music...
  187. What's in your custom soundtrack list?
  188. If the world had BGM...
  189. Looking for a chilling orchestral music
  190. Youtube channel with high quality soundtrack samples
  191. Good sites for listening to VGM/Anime music on WII, PS3, 360?
  192. Gaming FM - Dead?
  193. Looking for the Title and game of a song
  194. secret agent clank
  195. Need help identifying a sample
  196. Requesting Soundclip - Gundam Wing - Beep
  197. How to rip game music.
  198. quick question: Who does the music from Megaman X?
  199. Hey guys, I have an mp3 you may like :)
  200. Question about the quality of bootlegs released by K-O Records...
  201. Any good music?
  202. Tribute to Guitar Hero
  203. Music that didn't made into the final release of Call of Duty 4
  204. Virtual stock trade game (simulation)
  205. Any good Wipeout-like music?
  206. Why Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings dont have soundtrack??
  207. Ok this song... where is it from?
  208. Can someone identify a song (and ost) for me?
  209. Yggdra Union Trailer Music - Awesome
  210. Question
  211. Please Name This Music
  212. What is your favorite Silent Hill song?
  213. Does anybody know of a place that sells the tekken 3 soundtrack
  214. Anybody know any music by Qadtbep?
  215. TRANCE PARADISE 5 (Dancemania)
  216. Factory style game music.
  217. metal gear history project
  218. Most expensive OST you've bought?
  219. ScrewAttack's Top 10 Video Game Themes Ever
  220. Help Random (Mega Ran) out...
  221. Where is this Mega Man medley from?
  222. What happened to Cathrine Warwick from the Mother 1 album?
  223. Gamrips Or OST's? What is better?
  224. HELP!
  225. Ripping XBOX Games Audio
  226. PSP Ripping Help
  227. Guitar Dominant Movie scores.
  228. NFS: Underground tracklist
  229. Prince of Persia Prodigy trailer music?
  230. unreal music
  231. Ideal Archive Decompression Utility
  232. Looking for PK2 Ripper for Revenge of the Sith
  233. Will Japanese soundtracks play on normal CD players?
  234. Your Top Ten Video Game Themes.
  235. Which FF character has your favorite theme?
  236. unreal music
  237. lord of the rings
  238. Videos of me playing FF6 and 7 battle themes and others!
  239. Short question, probably in wrong place but...
  240. Music with a "Fallout 3 feel"?
  242. Best Video Game Winter Themes
  243. The Ring Terror's Realm Soundtrack Sucks
  244. [MU] Darry Booper Sadbits 2008
  245. Call of Duty 2 Intro Theme
  246. I can't name a piece of music
  247. Is there a program that will slice songs in half?
  248. Galbadia Hotel
  249. The Console Wars
  250. Help: Lost in Translation