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  1. requesting the name of an artist from Exkaiser
  2. Can anyone recomend me sad Song??
  3. Which do you enjoy better?
  4. Question about Shivering Isles soundtrack
  5. How Can I Submit Soundtracks to Galbadia Hotel?
  6. Creating a Best of Metal Gear series soundtrack
  7. Videogame Rock.
  8. PGR 4 ( Project Gotham Racing 4)
  9. 8 stories..
  10. If you had to pic one classic soundtrack...
  11. Question about S.S.H.
  12. What mario compilation is this?
  13. I made a Best of Resident Evil compilation
  14. What's the optimum quality for the VG music?
  15. Recommend some epic ost
  16. Lookin for heavy industrial/goth inspired Game OST's
  17. anyone know what this piece of music is?
  18. Halo / Halo Zero
  19. Rock song in SOCOM II
  20. How do you like the "final boss" songs?
  21. Sites with covers for video game OST's
  22. Western Game Music Appreciation Thread!!
  23. Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne - Drama CD HACK DEEPLY
  24. How can I rip VG music without f*****g my sound card?
  25. Would you kindly recommend me some similar music
  26. can someone explain ogg please?
  27. Anyone know the "artist" for Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2
  28. Need help filling in information on a few soundtracks...
  29. Any suggestions for this style of music?
  30. Notice--Hybrid Heaven
  31. Sonic X
  32. Character Theme
  33. Splinter Cell 4 Double Agent
  34. What's your Fab Pipe Organ Music? (Darker only)
  35. Sudoku Bagoda (Cracked) from reflexive
  36. "Police Quest 3" soundtrack by Jan Hammer
  37. Question and Suggestion: A Calendar for OST Releases
  38. A Well Rounded Listener
  39. epic orchestra
  40. what video game are completely orchestred
  41. Freedom fighters/Splinter cell Chaos theroy?
  42. cube media player
  43. How to Rip Videos or Music without SFX?
  44. Need Help Ripping Just Cause Soundtrack
  45. What programs do people use to rip game music?
  46. New Composers of SNK???
  47. Other VG Music like this?
  48. video game that are orchestred ??????
  49. recommend me some video games that are orthestred
  50. Final Fantasy Radio!!
  51. epic orchestra video games
  52. Gustaf Grefberg, More work by him?
  53. Bomberman kart dx.
  54. Help Need to Change Audio Pitch
  55. Etrian Odyssey OST
  56. does anyone know the name or artist of this song?
  57. Top 5 Video Game Songs (Non-FF)
  58. Any dial up-friendly file hosting sites?
  59. Help Rip From a Website Please!!! Virtua Quest/Fighter Cyber Generation
  60. Where do you look...?
  61. Videogames OST -thrash and nu metal-
  62. i am new, but really interested in
  63. GUN game soundtrack extraction
  64. Favorite Guitar Hero 3 Song?
  65. Wrong lenghts?: FINAL FANTASY XII Original Soundtrack
  66. Three possibly useful Russian sites...
  67. Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight
  68. Meaning of songs and their differences
  69. MGS3 Demo - What was the song on the Main Title
  70. Need help to identify gaming music
  71. What are Your Favorite Macabre Songs?
  72. Nintendo 64 Sound Series?
  73. Metal Gear Medley
  74. What is "Dirge of Cerebrus" ?
  75. Yoshi's island last battle music remix?
  76. Good utility for merging many many wave files?
  77. Something like Song of Elune?
  78. How do I extract music from a Wii disc?
  79. Legal
  80. So which recent Mario Games have oldschool music references?
  81. ranma1/2 games download (made in jp)
  82. Where is this Metroid Orchestrated song from?
  83. Star Wars shadows of the empire gamerip needed.
  84. REQUEST SD Gundam GGeneration SPIRITS OST or BGM.
  85. Which Advance Wars music is better: Days of Ruin or the Old Series
  86. somebody know this song??
  87. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Original Soundtrack DUEL I + II
  88. Nobuo Uematsu: Phantasmagoria lyrics?
  89. super smash bros brawl ost
  90. Guitar Hero 3 PC Gamerip
  91. VGM & Anime Music Sites With Built-in Media Player
  92. SOCOM Ripping Please Help
  93. SPC to MP3 (Bitrate Question)
  94. Soundtracks with a more modern sound?
  95. Nice utility for direct MP3/Ogg recording
  96. Super Smash Brothers Brawl OST
  97. Thien Van Chien Quoc Original Soundtrack - Gamemusic
  98. Game Sound Effects
  99. How do I rip game music?
  100. How do I rip wii music???
  101. MK:Armageddon Soundtrack Rip Nearing Completion - Help required
  102. Mario Dialogue
  103. HD
  104. Can't find that rare soundtrack you want on Soulseek or Usenet...?
  105. Question about medievel 2 track
  106. Acoustic Ost's/Songs?
  107. DMC4... My GOD!
  108. completely new to game music, what would you reccomend?
  109. New to FFS forums (HI!)
  110. Mark Morgan Returns // Exclusive Interview // Fallout soundtracks re-release!
  111. Need help on translating my newest gamerip project
  112. Official Streamed Music Discussion Topic
  113. Metal Gear Solid 4 music
  114. Drammatica - The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura
  115. anyone know of any free easy audio recorders?
  116. Need help converting RSD files.
  117. Where is this from?
  118. Searching for music similar to Tim Larkin's "Air Stream" from URU
  119. Iron Fisted Mutha!..finally
  120. If J-Rock was in Guitar Hero...
  121. How do you rip music from a DS?
  122. Information on this clip
  123. Digimon Adventure Music
  124. I have a question.
  125. Request : Okami OST
  126. help????
  127. PS2 Ripping Tutorials
  128. Earth Defence force 2017 ost
  129. Anyone know what FF album this chocobo theme comes from?
  130. Arrangments of game music
  131. Horror music
  132. ok, I need help.
  133. Can I post my ftp here
  134. Request: Samurai Gun OST
  135. Looking for orchestral epic video game music
  136. Hitoshi Sakamoto (breath of fire V)
  137. Recommendations (Anime Soundtracks)
  138. Odin Sphere
  139. VGM Why Do You Like it? What makes it special to you? Answer the questions
  140. What's missing from everyone's Ocarina of Time music collection?
  141. YS Book I & II (TG-16 Game Rip)
  142. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad soundtrack
  143. PLEASE help me find this, FF, Dark Metal
  144. recent games with deep orchestral scores?
  145. How to rip Star Wars Force Commander?
  146. Music ID - Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex
  147. Ever had that one song...
  148. Alone In The Dark 5
  149. Biohazard Outbreak soundtrack
  150. KH 2 Sanctuary in English
  151. Game Pops - a challenge to your classic video game music knowledge
  152. how about a guide to ripping?
  153. Devil May Cry music, on the website.
  154. Warning!!! DMC 4 OST a dissopintment :(
  155. Faverote film composer.
  156. Doshin the Giant OST - Download here
  157. GH 1 day mass DL help please!
  158. Wondering (re: non-stop anime trance)
  159. What is happening with the VGM nowadays?
  160. Super Mario Land on Acoustic Guitar
  161. Distant Worlds Concert in Chicago, IL
  162. Final Fantasy IX Complete Soundtrack
  163. God Of War Chains Of Olympus...WHo's READY!!!!
  164. Game Soundtracks Download.
  165. GIANT list of video game composers
  166. soundtrack help
  167. Recommend music w/ clear lyrics for learning japanese?
  168. how to keep your links from being deleted from Megaupload
  169. Silent Hill OST CD - 2 seconds of silence!
  170. hot!!!fashion shoes and clothes.
  171. Evolva (GameRip)
  172. Damn, customizing my music is long! Anyone else using too much time as well?
  173. Need help on defining a particular track...
  174. how do I rip music?
  175. Unreal Gold Game Rip
  176. Music ripping help required
  177. SMB remix cd?
  178. Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire ENGLISH track list?
  179. Which song is played during DBZ episode 45 when goku recovers?
  180. Free Premium Download Site
  181. What Touhou album is this song from?
  182. Final fantasy VII: Im not alone by MaciekKam
  183. scary orchestra
  184. Burning stuff and keep the tagged info intact for foreign stuff?
  185. Identify Music
  186. horror scary dreay dead music
  187. Recommended soundtracks for DnD.
  188. 2 Arcade Games Cannot Find OST
  189. need help with trailer song
  190. Need Help Indentifying This Song (Ranma 1/2 Related)
  191. Sakura Wars - Identify this song?
  192. Your Ultimate Video Game Concert
  193. ...Uhh what do I do?
  194. Trying to identify game song is from
  195. Help Identify a Song
  196. Favourite Anime OST's ?
  197. im looking for some realy good cinima music
  198. Need a bit of advice on something
  199. Premium Arrange soundtracks question
  200. Looking for songs like Kokia -Chouwa
  201. Medal of Honor Heroes 2 - How's the music?
  203. The Black Mages: What songs...
  204. Help identifying 1 music plz. Digimon related.
  205. Old Ah megami sama OVA song.
  206. Super Mario Galaxy sound fx
  207. Unknown F-Zero GX Song
  208. Ergo Proxy DVD Menu Music....
  209. I need that new Persona 4 theme song...
  210. cool initial-d (shuichi shigeno) music
  211. Fist Of The North Star English Episodes
  212. Echochrome Score Gamerip
  213. Help identifying some music..not much info though.
  214. spiderman PS1
  215. Alien Hominid Reupload
  216. Two Steps From Hell - 1000 Ships ... Underworld
  217. The most popular underground game....that you NEVER played!!!
  218. Videogame or anime soundtracks with jrock
  219. Perfect Dark
  220. What's your favorite tune from a Namco game?
  221. Recomend me some 80s STYLE BATTLE MUSIC
  222. scream trilogy
  223. I was just watching CSI Miami, and I just heard a very familiar tune!
  224. Apocalypse (PS1) - Complete
  225. Anyone know where this music is from?
  226. I am looking for this remix
  227. Help wanted/sample identification
  229. Enter The Dragon Ball Z 2: Revenge Of The Sith
  230. poop
  231. nice to meet you!
  232. Need help from someone who's a piano buff, has a GOOD EAR, and knows the FFIX OST.
  234. Best Game Score of 2008?
  235. Ahoy musicians
  236. Cloverfield End Credits Now Rippable.
  237. **ATTENTION ALL** Avoid user jiggamanigga on sight. And someone call the SWATs.
  238. Zelda windwaker special music
  239. urotsukidoji anime music help
  240. Demolition Man - 3DO, Sega Genesis, & Super Nintendo Soundtracks
  241. My first piano recording ever!! FFVIII's "The Extreme"
  242. Notice: read this before making threads
  243. Games with no OST
  244. Rainbow Six vegas 2 Line In Rip.
  245. Favorite epilogue music.
  246. I hate getting trainers from cheathappens.com
  247. Favorite video game songs
  248. Some questions about gaming music,please help(About Final Fantasy,Garou Densetsu,etc)
  249. Chrono Trigger songs
  250. Super mario bros z episode 1 remake on youtube now