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  1. Im gonna work in square enix for a F.F. in the future
  2. FFCrystalChronicrap
  3. The Real World ~ Final Fantasy
  4. Most Powerful Airship(s)?
  5. Final Fantasy Tactics A2
  6. Will the Ivalice series be more successful?
  7. Rumour- Endless Crisis : Final Fantasy VII (PS3)
  8. Tokyo Game Show 2007 FF V XIII trailer
  9. Recent FF's (and 12 specifically)...
  10. FF Retrospective
  11. Emu transform
  12. Final Fantasy IV DS TGS 2007 trailer
  13. Villains Quote Quiz
  14. Best Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 13 news websites
  15. Tactics Anyone?
  16. Think You're An FF Master?
  17. Rank each game from your best to worst
  18. Which do you prefer?
  19. Advent Children
  20. FF7 Before Crisis OST
  21. Final Fantasy the RPG
  22. Has anyone played........
  23. The Official General Final Fantasy Thread
  24. FF and optional 'uber bosses'(WEAPON, Omega Weapon etc)
  25. A Project
  26. I can't ever remember my strategies..
  27. FFTA2?
  28. Final Fantasy Legend II
  29. Is it possible to play FFX and onwards on PC?
  30. FAO: Don Giovanni
  31. I'm buying a PSP! First rpg will be FF I or FF Tactics!
  32. Final Fantasy IV Sequel announced?
  33. FFX -> FFXII
  34. final fantasy gurls
  35. Who is she?
  36. Ok, this is gonna sound weird.
  37. Favourite/Least favourite villains
  38. Favourite battle in the series?
  39. Do u reckon Final Fantasy games gona get better in future or worse and wen do u fink
  40. New Final Fantasy Dissidia screens
  41. HELP!
  42. Final FantasyVII and X crossover?
  43. Still Remains and Final Fantasy
  44. ff tactics war of the lions
  45. Most Easily Manipulable Battle System
  46. What if those villains win at last...
  47. Flatulent Interruptions
  48. Who would WIN???
  49. Final Fantasy Guide Books
  50. Favorite Final Fantasy
  51. Final Fantasy: Your Greatest Dreams Fulfilled
  52. Dissidia Final FANTASY and ALL-STAR project
  53. What's your favorite ff armor and weapon
  54. Gotta get this out...
  55. favourite FF Character.
  56. The Most Relaxing FF Song?
  57. Global Rules
  58. which console you prefer for final fantasy games? PS3 or Xbox 360?
  61. Your Perfect Final Fantasy
  63. Replace that line!!!
  64. Balamb Garden - Final Fantasy Colosseum
  65. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Ring of Fates
  66. Pan vs. Sephiroth
  67. Final Fantasy Cosplay Thread
  68. Something interesting
  69. Final Fantasy 7 On The Origional NES OMG!
  70. Whut iz de deal?!?!
  71. Things Final Fantasy Villans would NEVER say
  72. Chess Board or Sphere Grid
  73. your top 10 Final Fantasy characters of all time
  74. Names
  75. Final Fantasy games are getting worse
  76. cant hold it in or can they
  77. very little details...
  78. Ultimecia vrs Vegito
  79. Worst Life?
  80. seeking Info on FF Video's
  81. what game/movie to end all FF?
  82. What Final Fantasy game to start with?
  83. New FF player
  84. Hardest Final Fantasy?
  85. Looking into getting...
  86. Final Fantasy (and Kingdom Hearts) and Religion (Or Lack Thereof)
  87. Biggest Scene of Ownage in Final Fantasy
  88. PS1 Final Fantasy's 7,8,9 advice!
  89. Tetsuya Nomura chararacter design
  90. Do you think that some of us will...err..have chance to work in next FFs.
  91. Seifer vs. Yojimbo
  92. Best FF
  93. Hardest boss
  94. The ''not in the black mages albums'' black mages music
  95. The General Cow Rumble
  96. Best FF AMV ever.
  97. VII or VIII?
  98. The funniest FF clips/things that they say
  99. best FF music
  100. Youtube videos FF
  101. Final Fantasy: Through the Ages
  102. all final fantasy quote quiz!!!
  103. Trailer for Dissidia.
  104. The FriendxPhenomenon
  105. Tactics question
  106. I just beat Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions!!
  107. Created a Final Fantasy Spoof
  108. Some info On Tactics?
  109. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (Advanced 2): Grimoire of the Rift
  110. What do you think is the best FF game?
  111. Straying from the roots…
  112. Best Final Fantasy Villain 2008 (VI-XII)
  113. Cid... or Cid? Or Cid? Or Cid?
  114. Colonel Volgin vs. Tifa Lockheart
  115. Final Fantasy: CC My Life As A King
  116. need help for future reference...ffadv x
  117. Create your own Materia!!
  118. AM I CRAZY!?!?!
  119. "I hope the next FF has...!"
  120. Which FF should I start off on?
  121. FF Races
  122. Which one do you want back?
  123. Videos I've made.
  124. Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift - Your first impressions?
  125. The Character/Personality Assessment Quote Quiz
  126. FF Tactics need help
  127. Just a quick question
  128. Advent Play Arts - the Search for Fenrir
  129. Magic Names
  131. What if...
  132. How many people here still like Final Fantasy?
  133. New Final Fantasy Parody Video at The Escapist!
  134. Have you heard about the Reunion?
  135. The Final Final Fantasy
  136. Final Fantasy amv's anyone?
  137. FFCC: "My life as a King"
  138. How do you get Vaan in FFTA2?
  139. FFTA:SE - A Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Audio Drama - WE NEED ACTORS! XD
  140. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
  141. Ask a Stupid (Final Fantasy) Question, Get a Stupid Answer
  142. Is the Old better than the New
  143. Worst lines.
  144. Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)
  145. Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains
  146. Final Fantasy VI Anime
  147. Other FFs?
  148. FF Staff Question...
  149. Easiest/hardest FF game?
  150. FF Music, which is your favorite piece out of all the games?
  151. Final Fantasy in the Future.
  152. FFT-War of the Lions
  153. awesome retro GameBoy t-shirt on Woot (remember Final Fantasy Adventure?)
  154. Last Trailer of Dissidia Final Fantasy!
  155. Final Fantasy: Dissidia
  156. Minority characters in FF
  157. Final Fantasy Dream Party
  158. Your ideal remake.
  159. Best and Worst of the FF
  160. New Final Fantasy!
  161. Dissidia Final Fantasy - English Cast - Who would you choose?
  162. Top LOL moments in All FF's
  163. Final Fantasy RTS
  164. Terra's pantyshots!
  165. Final Fantasy Dissidia Legacy - Episode 1
  166. Sexiest FF Villain!!
  167. Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis website it up!
  168. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, A Questionaire On
  169. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, A Questionaire On... in the right forum.
  170. Am I a true FF fan?
  171. New FF: The Last Remnant
  172. My Dissidia English Cast
  173. Square Enix to Re-Release Final Fantasy I for Microwave Ovens
  174. Best versions of the old school final fantasys?
  175. biggs and wedge
  176. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Nintendo DS)
  177. Dead Fantasy.
  178. In a world without Final Fantasy...
  179. Final Fantasy merchandise collection pics
  180. My FFTA Theory
  181. Final Fantasy XIV Online
  182. Would Lulu like a glowing heart
  183. Official Final Fantasy Posters
  184. Final Fantasy C.C. E.O.T. help
  185. Least Favorite Final Fantasy
  186. What if Lulu met Inch High Private Eye
  187. Dissidia Cameo Characters
  188. What's the value of these?
  189. TheSpeedGamers Vs FF Series
  190. TheSpeedGamers FF week long marathon
  191. Final Fantasy XIV Linkshell community similar to FFXI's?
  192. final fantasy soundtracks
  193. favourite ff scenes
  194. FF IV: The After Years
  195. Completed a FF game without 9999 HP
  196. Gameplay of FF-12? (destroy topic after use)
  197. Buying games
  198. Final Fantasy Loves Its Star Wars Referecnes (Spoilers-- FF and Star Wars)
  199. Dead Fantasy
  200. Which Final Fantasy character/s most reminds you of yourself and why ?
  201. How do you pronounce your FF shit?
  202. Final Fantasy 7 + 8. WHICH EQUALS FIFTEEN!
  203. General Final Fantasy doesn't allow unregistereds?
  204. Pete - The Studio Mascot
  205. [News] Final Fantasy XIV Close Beta in September???
  206. Final Fantasy XIV Theme 2
  207. I have a few FF: Tactics Questions
  208. Dissidia 2: Final Fantasy
  209. final fantasy is gay
  210. Final fantasy cutscenes
  211. Fake XV Cover
  212. A world without final fantasy?
  213. Looking for "Main Theme" orchestra sheets
  214. The X vs. X-2 Rumble
  215. Guns ruined Final Fantasy
  216. How to Rip Blu-ray movies to iPod/iPhone/PSP/Zune on Mac?
  217. An IGN.com Editor hates Final Fantasy
  218. LFT - A Complete Final Fantasy Tactics Rebalance Mod
  219. FFXII sequel tech demo - leaked
  220. Who is the strongest Hero in the series?
  221. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Opinions
  222. Final Fantasy - Slay The Dragon
  223. The Final Fantasy Elimination Game.
  224. Final Fantasy Tactics vs Tactics Ogre
  225. Top 10 Most Androgynous FF Characters
  226. What is the Best Final Fantasy to Date???
  227. Favorite Final Fantasy Character?
  228. Should Nintendo and Final Fantasy reunite?
  229. Backwards Compatible?
  230. Happy Birthday Nobuo Uematsu 2010
  231. Limited Editions of certain older FF Titles?
  232. Villainy Ranking Thread
  233. Final Fantasy XIV
  234. Final Fantasy Dissida
  235. Favorite Designs of Summons/Monsters
  236. The top 5 best Final Fantasy songs video
  237. When Will The Final Fantasy Franchise Die?
  238. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Link Up
  239. Psst!..
  240. Final fantasy marathon going down this July
  241. East/West Development of Final Fantasy
  242. FFXIV Group: The Syndicate of Spyra
  243. Is anybody else playing the FFXIV Beta?
  244. Crisis Core and Advent Children Trivia.
  245. I wish Final Fantasy didn't have..
  246. Cosplay, which one do you like?
  247. What did you name your characters?
  248. Dissidia Duodecim
  249. My Top 50 Favourite Final Fantasy Characters
  250. Final Fantasy XV News?